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Fame is a Bitch


From workhouse connect in AJ. Benza. Vein he likes to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex tapes is. The Guy. Put the COP in the peacock network. Okay. Bitch. Hey, everybody AJ Benza here with the original theme is Bitch. It Is August tenth twenty twenty. I'm back from Buffalo Grove Illinois. Sitting back up. In Studio City La Mike, and I had a very different weekends. Mike was so involved in this East Coast Storm. My cat to go to, east, coast for. Funeral and memorial for his mentor, Bob mccurdy, and he got stuck in in Connecticut and Long Island with no electricity. No. Wifi. It was a disaster for him. I mean. I. Had a great trip. I saw family, we had a ball, we eight to our heart's content. I now have to drop. I drop look I'm not GonNa lie to you. I just said this on Patriots to. Drop the weight that I put on my sisters, but I was fat before that. I, really, thirty pounds would be like life changing for me and I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it I. Know you think I'm crazy, but I'm gonNA. Do it. I. Only had very limited amounts of food today like palmful of fruit. Palmful nuts a little bit of. I'm going to do this. I'm not gonNA eat like you know what I the Diet I like to say. Works. The best for me is, in Italian, we have an expression scoops D'Amato excuse to somebody that just fucking eats like come on like every time you him out to get food in it. and. One time my good buddy mark Lamonica. He lost a ton of weight before his wedding I said what the fuck did you do you go on some kind of he not just eating like? I said, that's it because that's Stop fucking need that in the not eating for eight o'clock at night I'm not drinking soda, no more alcohol. Regular size portions since you've got to go big have vegetables instead of said now, it all makes sense I know just fucking Italian Guinea. Bast. As we love food love to cook, I can't take by the way speaking of food. I, actually taped my sister Rosalie inner kitchen making her famous Spanish. Chicken Soup I'M GONNA. Put that on the facebook podcast obsessed pages probably three or four minute video i. think he will handle that. I'll let you know when I do it. But that's the best way to hear from her mouth and me kind of with her, but she's the one talking That's going to be the best, and then I can also tell you during the week how she makes her incredible chicken Scott, putty yellow certain actually put that recipe out a couple years ago. But somebody who still ask asking for it. So do it again before the weeks up? I'm reading today. My voice is a little fucked up I duNno. Listen I. GOTTA be honest. My voice was fine in Chicago right and I was yelling we add some fights, typical family matters. But nothing, my voice was fine. I come back here, fucking day and a half, my voice ship. My wife scratched her cornea Washington face. Obama took her to the emergency room. Nobody there. Right she got medicine, it was killing. Took it back to the ER. Again today nobody there do not believe that everybody's dying everybody sick. The hospitals of filled I'm just I'm tired of it. I'm just hired here in this nonsense I know there are hospitals in certain areas that being hit whatever. We're very prepared. This is all fucking bullshit i. wish it would just stop. Arena about Simon cal matching Gavin, and go to the hospital. Now, with all this shit line around and I wasn't nervous flying at all flying during this plan was not. It was so easy to fly from here. Chicago was a breeze. There was nothing that airport was empty. The flight was wide open. Each of US had whole row coming back. We had a full flight everybody wore masks, but it's funny You can keep your mask off if you eating. So. Naturally, I can't eating like little pieces of fruit. A little nuts. Mass was offered hours at a time I. don't I'm sorry. I, just don't buy it. And the guy left me to the same thing. He didn't bite you. Know we still kept it on for most of the flight, but you know enough of this bullshit I'm read about Simon Cal field, terrible guy breaks, his back and several places riding and electric bicycle and in Malibu. Electric Bites. I mean I guess WanNa try one. If I had the delic. Probably about two grand I. Think maybe low end six, seven, hundred, high end a few grand I. Guess it's going uphill. If you live in a hilly area to it can be a pain in the ass to push. But isn't that the whole purpose of a bike to get the workout and get your cardio going near leg. Strong. Anyhow he fell. fucked is backed up. Guy dropped sixty pounds in a year. Simon. CAL, and I don't think he did anything like lap band. I. Think he went out this the real, the real hard way. Diet and exercise. I tell you for. A rod in his back. You lay around. He's not gonNA be able to move a lot. Going to fuck his diet up. I hate to tell you when you get that far in your diet you. Right when I had the Monja lost. Forty, pounds forty. In a month. To lose two pounds a day. I'm not sick way. That's like you're dying loss, not like, Hey, you're looking good. You lose what you healthy now. I was on my back dying and I lost forty pounds.

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