Black Lives Matter: a movement or a moment?


It's a little over three months since George Floyd died beneath the knee of Minneapolis police officer. The protests which followed Floyd's killing spread from his city across the country and eventually around the world, an extraordinary mutiny against injustice gathered behind one simple and Scholey on arguable statement that black lives matter. The protests felt different. They wish huge inclusive and widely supported by the kinds of institutions more commonly protested against governments, political parties, corporations even police forces and military's were keen to be seen taking a knee wearing a black armband deploying all the right hashtags. But aside from reading a few public squares of statues of slave traders and prompting the rebranding various streets buildings and enterprises has this colossal. Of righteous energy, really shifted anything. This week in the United States, protests have erupted once again, following the shooting by police in Kenosha Wisconsin of Jacob Blake junior a black man left seriously injured by seven bullets fired into his back at point blank range. It is an event which may tempt some observers towards the despondent conclusion that nothing much has changed after all. But is it quite as simple and disheartening that especially in a global context in this week's? Will look away from the US to Australia and to Europe, where for reasons, at once different and the same George Floyd's death struck a chord. This is the foreign

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