160: What Should I Look For In A College


Are you wondering what to look for in a college? In today's episode I am going to talk about factors to consider when choosing a college. And in our scholarship segment, I will share how to find institutional scholarships. Welcome to the Scholarship Shark podcast. I'm Pam Andrews, your host as a college admissions consultant. I believe that getting into college does not need to be complicated or confusing and paying for it doesn't need to be costly and you're here because you believe the saying, join me each week as I shared vice on the college admissions process as well as scholarship tips. So let's get started with today's episode. Welcome back to another episode of the Scholarship Shark Podcast I'm Pam. Andrews. Your host and in today's episode, we're GONNA talk. About. Factors to consider when choosing a college. So if you're like most high school seniors, you're starting to think about where you WanNa go to college next fall. So I'm going to start that conversation today. But before we dive in I, just wanted to let you know that we are celebrating our four year podcast anniversary. So in September of Twenty Sixteen, I launched the podcast and it's been four years and to mix it up a bit and kind of do. A Nice refresh if you've been a longtime listener of you've been listening for few episodes, you may have noticed a few changes. So number one, of course, the music, the intro a bit but I think the biggest change I really wanted to focus on in highlight is I am adding a weekly scholarship segment. So in the past I've done episodes where I focused on a scholarship or provided a a scholarship tip or even did a one month I did. In November many episodes for national scholarship month. But what I wanted to do week I wanted to provide information on scholarships. because in addition to the college admissions process and planning for college, it's really important for students to focus on scholarships and I thought by adding this new segment to every episode that I would be able to continue to elevate just how important it is for students to always focus on the money. So you'll start to hear that edition at the end of whatever college admissions tip or interview or whatever. The main segment is about I will provide just one scholarship tip or maybe a scholarship focus, but just something for your students to think about. So, let's jump into

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