Episode #47: Hi-Performance Heritage - The Max Wedge & 440 Big Blocks

Talking Mopars


Into their car or truck, and he's done an amazing job at accomplishing that task. I know that when it comes to working on cars as easy as it is for some people, wiring is always my biggest hang up. I'm stupid when it comes to hiring folks. Okay. That's where DIY Hemi came in handy for me personally, DIY, Hemi is. In my opinion. The number, one source for information on wiring and the electrical aspect of swapping in one of these modern hemmings into whatever car you have. They have videos, they have parts manuals, and most importantly, I can't stress this enough. They have the knowledge to help you along with your Hammy swap. Maybe you don't want to give up on your big block Mo- part just yet but maybe you're curious about swapping in modern Hemi that's cool to just head. On over to DIY, HEMI DOT COM to learn more, maybe you're not to the point in your project yet where you're going to be worried about the engine, you know maybe you just finally came across the deal of a lifetime that landed you your Mo- par project but like many Olmo cars, it needs some metalwork. May I suggest my friends over at auto metal direct amd can most certainly help you out with all of your Mo- par metal. Woes and I've spoken to many folks in the business of saving and restoring these old Mo- pars and all of the Best Mo-, par hunters that I know us amd for their medical needs and that says something now, you don't have to find an expensive donor for that second generation charger you're working on chances are that whatever metal you need for

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