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Helens eruption. So now, we weren't alive then even though we were not alive, then it was you know years until Jillian. Many years. Until we were born. We are in our. Mid Twenty. S. So we're very youthful. Yeah. We say what's a CD or whatever I don't know anything I couldn't even pretend to be a teenager because I have no idea went technology. Don T TIKTOK ON THE TIKTOK You know on the TIKTOK so. Nineteen Eighty Mount Saint Helens eruption has a lot of parallels to what's going on in the world today, but it's an interesting story. So to to start with for our non US friends and Non West Coast friends, I didn't know the details about this when I started researching it but Mount Saint Helen's which is known as a lot lot to the indigenous lets people and Lou wit. Luella cloud to the click a tat is an active stretch of Okano located in. Skamania. County. Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States I. Apologize to the Washingtonians. If I pronounced Skamania county your Skamania county incorrectly. I'm sure I will get an email about this. Fifty miles eighty kilometers northeast of Portland Oregon Ninety, six miles or one hundred and fifty four kilometers south of Seattle Washington. So to get a sense of where Mount Saint Helen's is. If you're thinking of both Washington state and Oregon is roughly like. Square ish rectangular ish in shape with Washington, in the north and Oregon just below. Mount Saint Helen's is in the lower left quadrant of Washington state near the border of Oregon. and. She's roughly halfway between Portland, and the Portland Oregon and Olympia Washington, which is the Washington state capital. Okay. also relevant northeast of Mount. Saint Helen's is what's called Spirit Lake. And there's a bunch of little rivers and creeks in that area just due to like the geology of the area but almost directly north of the mountain is the north fork toodle river. River toodle or Poudel T. O. U. T.. L. E. Title River. So. Also? Mount Saint. Helen's takes its English name from the British diplomats. Lowered Saint Helen's is a friend of explorer George Vancouver who made a survey of the area in the late eighteenth century The volcano is located in the cascade range is part of the cascade volcanic arc, which is a segment of the Pacific Ring of fire that includes over one hundred and sixty active volcanoes and for the record before the explosion mount. Saint, Helen's stood at nine, thousand, six, hundred and eighty feet high. So. They knew it was part of the ring of the ring of Fire Okay Yeah Yeah So. They knew as part of the ring of fire. It had experienced some activity throughout recorded history but it. It remained dormant basically from its last period of activity in the eighteen, Forty S and eighteen fifties. So by one thousand, nine hundred had been more than one hundred years before there was any like really significant activity that includes ash like little burps and like any kind of flow or anything like that. So. At this point people were pretty complacent thinking nothing's going to happen anytime soon it's fine like it's a dormant volcano for all intents and purposes until we get to the spring of nineteen eighty. Okay. So, there were several small earthquakes beginning on March fifteenth of that year indicating that magma may have begun moving below the volcano also just as an f. y. we talked about natural disasters on episode sixty one which was called here I

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