We can all remember a day when MTV was really relevant. Yeah.


Off. Yeah, no kidding. Like the kind of man and Great person to work with. 42 is a fantastic movie and defied blood's another one. Teo. Yes, Very talented. Yeah, that's great. Um, let's talk about the V amazed because they were last night, and if you are in my age range, you probably didn't want it. So I'll just give you a few little Headlines from it. One cool thing. Taylor Swift became the first solo female artist TTO Win the MTV Vee Emma's best director award. So the man Yeah, she said. This is amazing. This is the very first video that I've ever directed on my own. And I'm just so grateful for this. She's 30 years old, and she won that award. So that's another. You know, I think nice example of women kind of taking control of their performances both on stage and off stage. Yeah, and then being recognized for it. Well, you'll be happy to know Elizabeth that we listen to the winners. And Kenny Grant Alexis and I felt like you were going to play the game of Who do we know out of the winners actually knew most of the winners. Yes, we did. Okay, That's impressive. I know the other nominees. Not so much. Not so much not so Oh, yeah, yeah. About the trailer last night. Lady Gaga as masks so good Wow, He's so fun. It is fun. I mean, people just go over the top and really cost to me with this, And so it's it's fun to see.

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