California Moves Toward Easing Coronavirus Restrictions on Business


Newsom has unveiled a four tier system to monitor counties for covert 19 transmission that sets out new guidelines for businesses to reopen. Under the color coded plan, counties must meet certain metrics before progressing to the less restrictive tear. Newsom says that this is a more cautious approach than when the state eased restrictions in the spring, leading to a surge in new cases. We're going to be more stubborn this time and have a mandatory wait time between moves. We didn't do that last time, and that is a significant distinction. Between Between what what we we now now are are advancing advancing in in this this more more stringent, stringent, but but we we believe believe more more study study approach. approach. The The new new system system takes takes effect effect Monday Monday and and requires counties to meet the metrics for three weeks before progressing to the next year. The metrics include daily case rates and the percentage of positive cove it 19 tests.

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