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You can pull guys down by the neck it. It's more than basketball when we we go below the belt. It's part of a manhood and I think I think the referees are setting a precedent they you can't just go around and that was just an even if they meant to I think it's the right call that that they had to get twenty five thousand dollars for someone on newer never winning that basketball game but to remove their only good player that day like gallon. Shade in trump's EP was whatever dort did you watch thickening? Luongo or thought he was. Steph. Curry the dude is over seven on three pointers and continues to pull the trigger I. Understand you're young and you're coaches telling you to shoot and we're going to need you and your garden harden at some point though it's not the shot because when you finish over nine and ten more shots, James Harden in a game you're never gonNA win a game. They say they do say the only way to get out of a slump is to shoot your way out of it. It some slumps last longer than I was that was brutal I mean you should know what was. the guy on the Orioles Chris. Davis what was still in the slum but he did go. Manny many games without getting a set. It was like Oh for how was like twenty seven at bats. Eagles in. Google Davis. I'M GONNA say ended I know got to twenty-seven maybe in the sixties or something I'm going to say and if third our gang at bats at backed. Thirty. Maybe. It was more than I dunno egos listen up. All right. So Brian, any closed out Damian Lillard and the blazers last night no they didn't Canoga, you're going to the blazers. You put this respect on their name, the best eight hundred it's that well, I jumped into that topic first. Let me pause. Let me congratulate. Let me congratulate the underdog Los Angeles Lakers on escaping the first row. Because I mean I just don't know how team like the Lakers way you know what's interesting you're playing below south I not because. I know you're you're for the first time ever. Painlessly, you're you're simultaneously able with this one. COMMENTS TO TAKE JABS AT LAKERS. Fans while also taking jabs. The people that thought Portland when you had a win win. Because because I hear from the Lakers crowd they were underdogs in this series somehow someway number one seed and I've always been I said they had zero zero point zero percent chance and now the zero point zero percent guarantee I, you're wanting one, one which. Is Definitely. Nice, that's better than that's better than trump. He had frigging the blazer sweeping them. It was Asinine but. What's with his like like he always rides to the sixers and the sons but like because he played for them with this blazer I think i. I. I really do I. think that's part of it. I know it's not any new and none of you none of those players shack like any of this because they're all. All maybe not shack shack. I can't say although shock did say drumbeat more talented than him which was hilarious. anyways brandon eighty they look amazing but they score eighty it's a close game. No deem I have my concerns I think now. We said that the Blazers would win a game they could steal a game dame steal a game. We knew that wasn't the test now is where it gets interesting I'm calling the series rockets thunder I. Think it's toast. I think the rockets take care of business tomorrow I think they move on to face the Lakers, which is when it gets really interesting because what Daryl Morey has built say it. Either it's to advance before we get. Into the zero point zero percent guarantees but. What Daryl Morey did. So masterfully is not only building the small offensively and what I've noticed is now teams are obsessed with exploiting their height mismatch and going back to the basket twos which are the least officiant type of shot. The mid range as we all know and I, think that's what makes it so great. The rockets are now you know the number one defense since the bubble started like they they look good Russ look better although he came out chucking. I think they're serious threat. You know why we we all love the rockets you know why? because. We're gap. And what the rockets are doing every game is they're just melting will arch will arthritis go in and there was one game in particular game. What was the the game they started? They came out of the second half eight for eight like. That game in a nutshell just shows how it is so hard to predict the rockets because they can easily miss the shots for four games at a row and get swept in neck, and that's the end of it like if they make the shots therein, if they don't they're out, it's simple as that they're not winning by Ko compensating on the defensive end. If they're not making the threes, they're gonNA get blown out and that's exactly what they're doing. Every game is just gambling and that's why it's so fun because you and I are sick and. I mean, this is going to be tough for you because you think James Harden's unbelievable you love the rockets but you gotTa, protect. This is. Yeah. This is a little bit of a win win for me I'm there. What do you think breaking it down analysis? Wise of that potential. LEKA I. G I. DON'T Trust this. Because the rockets were a better team than okay. See I don't think they're better than than the Lakers because of Lebron, Unai Day that duo was just too much loss i. want to congratulate that do becoming the greatest duo since shacking Kobe for advancing passing seed Blazers better than Dunkin and Tony Parker better than Katie staff the way brandon way would congratulations to Idiom Bra Lebron. Just like what he's been doing it's just like controlling the game is it just goes at his tech and when and when he's off the core, it's Anthony. Davis every single time and if they even get the the slightest of help. Guys through I. Think it's a Combo right you need to have games where if you don't like unless Brownie Daego, go forty and forty like that Kyrie Bron finals. You'RE GONNA need production, and then I think this is the question. This is the question. This series can they get a third guy to give them fanning handed rockets hit their open threes because the that offense it all the shots are wide open like really bizarre.

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