Day 1,317: Trump holds a crowded campaign rally despite pandemic - burst 16


What does that tell us Well that's exactly what. We are about to see. I would presume because. Trump is using the George Wallace and Richard Nixon playbook of nineteen, sixty eight, and one of the things that Nixon says in that ad is the most basic civil rights is freedom from violence. You can expect to hear a lot of that old Nixon George Wallace language I think from Donald. Trump this fall and also you saw there was a assign advocating socialism how current that get? Exactly, you've also posted scenes. From the People's House going back through our American history as far back as photography will allow US starting with this one military event during the civil war with President Lincoln whose top hat can be seen their the sheep on the lawn during the nineteen eighteen pandemic or the nineteen seventeen pandemic as the president calls FDR being sworn in the middle of the war in forty five. Of course, he only lived what three more months and then a photo of his funeral procession that. Follows Jackie and young John sledding in one thousand, nine, hundred sixty to their father John F Kennedy last public appearance before Dallas in nineteen, sixty three, and of course, Richard Nixon's take off Marine One nineteen thousand nine, hundred, seventy, four with members of his family and the new president Gerald r Ford looking on, and now we have last night the gathering on the South Lawn, all but a branded structure you saw the lit up signs trump pants might go how do you process it? It made me sick because presidents since the founding of the White House which was, as you know, Brian Two hundred twenty years ago. This year have respected the fact that those eighteen acres of ground are sacred space you use them for politics you use them for national events with the president as largely chief of state usually unifying the nation when before have you seen a situation that you? Saw last night with campaign signs and donors, and clapping and other things that made this place into more of a fairground or a convention hall. Then the south grounds of the white. House. What I tried to do with those photographs to show the history that's on the that lawn. That's the history that we and who's ever president should be thinking of not some local version of the Republican convention. Michael there's also so many other anniversaries in the news. Just in the past week, we've seen sixty five years since the day Emmett till walked into a grocery store change the course of the civil rights struggle sadly paid with his life fifty seven years today I have a dream for years since Colin, Kaepernick. Took a knee, an event which is only going to be added to as time goes by the people have a way of getting the president's attention in our country. It's the president's option to pay attention or not I guess. That's exactly right and it just you know it's so disheartening to think that here we are. Four hundred years after the introduction of slavery in this country here, we are still dealing with these issues in yet again, another presidential campaign and what Donald Trump really does not remember is the founders thought that quiet peaceful protest was the highest form of citizenship just as important if not more. So

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