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The nation's largest movie theater chain has reversed an earlier decision AMC theatres has changed its position on mass wearing less than a day after the company became a target on social media for saying it would defer to local governments on the issue CEO Adam Aron says theaters will require patrons to wear basketball and re opening which will begin in July AMC theaters when wasn't the first to say it would defer to officials on the mask issue but it hit a nerve for many and hash boycott AMC quickly became a trending topic on Twitter John Scott reporting the odor of Eskimo pie is changing its name marketing of the nearly century old chocolate covered ice cream bar the latest brand to reckon with racially charged logo's and marketing we are committed to bringing a part of the solution on racial equality and recognize the term is derogatory said the head of marketing for its parent company breaking news and analysis at town hall dot com I do the Virginia counties being sued over zoning regulations prohibiting an Islamic organization for developing a religious cemetery the complaint alleges an amendment to the county's zoning ordinance in two thousand sixteen blocked the all Muslim association of America from developing the cemetery on a twenty nine acre parcel of land the justice department says Stafford county violated the religious land use and institutionalized persons act by enacting overly restrictive regulations blocking the proposed cemetery the ordinance was adopted after neighbours raised concerns about well contamination Ronda Racha reporting the reason central New York say nine people were shot in the nighttime celebration Syracuse police chief says one victim in Saturday night's shooting was in critical condition and they people were in stable with non life threatening injuries no one was immediately taken into custody more

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