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Side Jams 21: Aaron Bruno (AWOLNATION)


A phenomenon nearly a decade ago with their hit Song Sale, the group's vocalist and mastermind. Aaron, Bruno has actively avoided. Approach to his music instead he integrates as many different influences again. The group's fourth latest album angel minors in the lightning writers continues at Drama Bending Trend with a collision of Lo. Fi at hi, FI, sound spending pop to them too heavy rock. Its strength is in its diversity. Including leaves single the best and it star cast commentary on Social Media Narcissism when not actively touring or making music. Aaron loves chasing the perfect wave. He's a lifelong surfer who enjoys the feeling of being out on the water sometimes even solves musical dilemmas while on his board for this episode of side. Jams Bruno spoke to me from his home in southern California. California about his. Passion for surfing along with the friendships that has created for him and the P. C. finds out on the water. He's able to explain surfing terminology in ways at a layman can easily understand. We delve into how the sports increase. Popularity has necessitated him seeking out secret spots to ride his bliss. Oh yeah, he also wants challenge Anthony. Keita's to a competition on the waves. Thank you for coming on side jams. Problems I wasn't sure what we were GONNA talk about. It spoken to everybody about things ranging from being an equestrian to ballroom dancing to hiking. Collecting ends he. history some curious. What turns you on outside of Music? Well, it's it's mainly surfing, and it always has been. And always will be. I think for me in ties into what I do so well with with music, because I don't know how you feel, but it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time to listen to a full album or listen to even what you're working on or an audiobook, whatever whatever that is unless you're driving, which most of us have not been doing since I last spoke with you, but That's a huge part of. Of you know the search for waves to science behind it, you know the chasing of weather patterns, and all that stuff and I'll drive an extreme amount of time to find just the right wave, and it may even be one way of I catch, and if it's a great way, if it was worth anywhere from one hour to four hour expedition to get to the spot, you know it's the constant search. And I could go on for hours about how important this is, but I guess I should I just want to start by saying very helpful for me to spend the time looking for ways because I get to listen to new record and be inspired and discovering music, so it's a twofold purpose here you drive along dunes finally. Get there. Yeah, and it wasn't intentional. It's just what it is. You know ever since I was little. Kid has just been who I am. Do I start surfing. boogie boarding at a young age. As far back as I can remember, but I met a couple friends who remain best friends of mine and I remember I think it was eleven or twelve and I brought a boogie board and they just started climbing me. You know they became buddies with these guys. Now like what fuck is that? We're going surfing boogie boarding. You know so I felt ashamed and embarrassed instantly and. Great Barr One of those surfboards, and and the rest is history you know. No disrespect to the boogie boarding bodyboarding as they call it community, but if you're laying down, it can be really fun for sure, but if you could stand. Is that much better if you can stand on on a wave on board and I was hooked I was it and it was. It was interesting that I played a lot of sports I always loved music, but I played a lot of sports. I was an okay youth. I was excellent in some sports like baseball at the time. I matured before everybody else had basically I was like full grown at twelve. You know, and then everybody caught up to me. It got bigger and stronger, and I stayed the same size essentially. which was a rude, a rude awakening, because I just figured. Oh, I'm just great at I'm great pitcher in baseball? And then everybody started just teeing off on me eventually you know they caught up to me, but at that moment so sports sports was a big thing. My Dad had all this hope for me to play for the dodgers one day you know. Dad's dream out here. At least discovering surfing was a big thing because it was, it was like a cultural. Surfing is supposed to be slightly rebellious. You know it's become definitely extremely mainstream and huge huge industry of course, but at the time. This is late eighties early nineties. It was rare to find someone who served. So with that, I discovered a whole new world of music as well 'cause my buddies who served for listening to more punk, rock and underground music and Indie Rock and Alternative well, what was alternative back? Then you know the rise of change, addiction and a bunch of really cool band, so I was presented with a situation socially where I was thinking man. It's not very cool to me to be in sports. 'cause then I was like considered a jock in my surfer buddies like Oh. You WanNa you, WanNa go practice. You're cute sports while we're going to actually go sir waive. South. Road right then I'm like I know which way I'm going I'm GonNa Surf I. Why would I spend my summer playing? Summer League Baseball, no way you know that you're off school, but they want you to go practice and be part of this team thing you know, and by the way at this point in my life as an adult I love watching sports, Baseball football basketball, but played pronouncing the league. Yeah, you know I. Yes I so. I didn't eighteen strikeout game in seventh grade. That's like do bad. There was only seven innings, so there's only three batters I didn't strike out. Just. Or maybe that team just sucked looking back, but either way that's my claim to fame is ball the whole deal and It was presented with with with a fork in the road, and I I went last of course and served, and then with surfing again times have changed a lot. For sure a lot of athletes play music, and but then it was, it was sort of frowned upon to you couldn't be good athlete and also have a rat ban with credibility. That just didn't happen so back then I. put the cleats on the show. If you will and Surf in practice, my guitar more start abandoned. That just felt like what I wanted to do and and thank. Thank God I went that way. It's funny the way describing surfing back then it sounds like people getting tattoos like back then he didn't get that many people tattoos, and then all of a sudden molly kroons, few bands and athletes started to make more popular even after Motley crue, and when molly got tattoos and stuff that that was still underground, compared to what tattoos are just common now you know. I guess there's a parallel there and there's there's some sort of comparison to be drawn for sure, but yeah I I mean I in my high school, and I didn't grow up far away from the beach. I was thirty thirty minute drive to get to the beach. It was only like I think eleven miles to the ocean, but there's this mountainous canyon that you had to travel from where I live to get to the ocean and I live in that mountain now in the middle of it I grew up in the pretty boring. Boring safe suburbs and it would be a lot cooler. I grew up in the city and around Punk Rock and art, but so many bands came out of the suburb whether they want to admit it or not. punk rock was a suburban thing, really willing. We're in California probably then maybe new. York definitely definitely, so I mean I was always escaping the what I deem to be slightly boring. Right I mean think about what I mean I'm sure it's the same for you. Growing up back then was a lot different than it is now. Even think about the restaurants that are available in your hometown now. That weren't there I. Remember when there was a Chili's in west, Lake. That was mind blowing for me. You Know Oh. There's a Chili's cool that was like the hang out spot. You know not only chilies I'll see is to go on in the airport. And by the way sometimes the best option by far. Depending on what area but Yeah you know I just I the second the Bell Rung. Went Surfing now is it and there have been moments where I've had to make decisions along my

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