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C. For the rest of tonight. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy low of about 70 tonight tomorrow Wednesday, a chance of more rain, more thunderstorms. Some of those could be heavy times two. We could even see some or hail tomorrow. Mostly cloudy high near 81 then tomorrow night much of the same chance of showers and thunderstorms. Otherwise, that should just remain mostly cloudy. Tomorrow night. We'll have love about 70 degrees. This is WNBC. It's 7 20 Support for NPR comes from W. N. Y C members and from C three c three dot software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable business problems. Learn more at sea three dot And I drive providing cloud backup full system back up and onsite. I drive Appliance to protect PCs, Max and servers from data law, Student crashes and ransomware at I drive dot com slash NPR.

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