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Why fire and rain are enemies an African folktale - burst 2


This is increased the history buff and in this episode we'll be visiting an ancient African folktales that tells us by fire and rain enemies. Before, I go any further I I want to say a big. Thank you to my subscribe as unpatriotic for making this episode possible. Now a while back I think it was episode sixteen I told an African folk. How about a man named? Mahmoud The episode was titled The man who never lied and if you've not listened to, please, go and check it out. I really enjoyed making the episode and my son loved. It is his favorite now. I'm not sure what's going on in the world. At the time. You're listening to this, but in my time line the whole world is on some form of lockdown due to the virus known as Cova Nineteen. The kids are of school and those parents who cannot work from home and some of us if we're honest with autism broken time to give up a go in a bit nuts,

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