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This is the Senate show like we don't have enough to worry about with. Or on a virus. <Speech_Music_Male>


Watch for mostly isolated inland shower thunderstorm. This evening, our temperatures warm, operating near 90 degrees. 80 degrees to start the day on Wednesday. We have a breeze off the Gulf of Mexico from the West that causes some very warm overnight lows. Can't rule out a morning shower on the coast 93 for a high in the afternoon, 20% chance as well. For Thursday, mostly inland. The afternoon 92 30% Friday, 40% better rain chances in the afternoon evening for Saturday and Sunday. West Winds 10 Nazis wanted to alight shop Bay Waters. I've news Channel eight. Chief meteorologist Steve Catch. The Schmidt show live every weekday afternoon from 3 to 6 on 12 50 Easy impact radio. Roger that.

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