How to Dream BIG

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So dreaming big I'm a big time. Dreamer I have a lot of friends who are big time dreamers. I'm realistic dreamer but I. Just believe that. If you shoot for the stars, you end up getting a lot right even if you don't get to the store you want to go to. You'RE GONNA get a lot more? If you shoot for the stars then if you don't then if you play small, you don't fly small. You're board place mall. You're born. Play big. Let me. Ask You a question. Do you still dream? About what you're going to be when you grow up. It's funny as I've gotten older I've never stopped that I never have. I get more excited, the older I get, and I find myself years ago when I was a younger guy when I was in my twenties and stuff I would. I would talk to people in their seventies and eighties, and they would say I still feel like I'm eighteen. And I never got it, but as I got older decade after decade after decade. I get it now. But one thing I've also noticed a lot of people don't have the dreams that they used to have. They're afraid to have them. They've forgotten how to dream. I still do that I still wonder what's GonNa be when Scott grows up and I'll let you figure it out, but I'm having a good time doing what I'm doing right now. Those visions. Those type officials keep hopping around in your head. Think about it for just a minute. Do they miss a reason? They're in there. As I've said many times before. If these ideas pop into your head, you got a couple of choices you can go. Do something about it sometimes scary. You cannot do something about it sometimes scary, or you can sit there on the fence getting spinners in your ass worrying about the whole time, drive yourself crazy for the next ten fifteen twenty thirty years. I highly suggest you don't do that. I want you to take those ideas on your head. Look at them and acknowledge him as a yeah. This is Kinda cool. So. They're popping around your head I. Want You to? Think about this. One is your big awesome motivating mission. What's your big awesome motivating i? Call Them Damn too big awesome motivating mission. I have goals like that as well. What's driving you? Where do you WanNa, go think about it inside and I will tell you this. In with ninety nine I really truly is ninety nine percent. I'll get people on the phone with coaching calls. I talked to people on the phone a lot all week long. I'm talking to people on the phone all over the world. And I will tell you. Uh Question. I'll say so. What's in your head? What's going on what really want to do? What are your dreams? Which your big awesome motivating mission and the global? No. I so I know you don't know, but if you did, what would it be? And then they go POW for the next ten minutes. They told me exactly what it is, and then if they forget it gone and I said, did you hear what you just said? Did you hear all that stuff? That just came out of your mouth. Yeah. We're there come from. the, smile on their face, peers I can hear it on the phone or seat on the call. So you have asked that question these visions in your hand. These things you want to do when you grow up what's driving you? What's at big awesome motivating mission? Mine is to do what I do. The Best I could possibly do knowing full well that if I do it really really well. Other people get all excited they Scott I wanNA I. Want what you've got going on there I won't come. Hang on to you a little bit. I wouldn't suggest it because I move fast is going to be unpredictable. I can be a radic. Sometimes I like to sleep in late on Saturday stuff like that. You probably wouldn't like all that stuff, but. What drives you Bam. What Dreams Excite you? Give you a feeling a happiness. I know that Scott. I can't do it I have this idea. Somebody really excites me I. Just be so happy doing that, but I can't do it. Why not? Why not because it scares me? Bam sure it does anything bigger than you. You never done before. It's going to scare you. What excites you though? Scares excites at the same time. Have you ever noticed how close to feelings are. Somebody screaming Oh my God. They're screaming. Let me say here. I come to see the day. Underdog is here. You go there, and you find out somebody's laughing hysterically himself. I thought you were dying. Laughing Fund Yukos cracking up. He cracks me up when he says that stuff. What's cares what excites you? It's kind of the same in that. Oh my God think about that for a second. Get excited your goal and yet it feels like you're fearful Bam. What makes you smile? When you think about doing it. It's that simple. Makes, you smile, you say. If I could get myself to Bam. I know it's in their. My question is. Do you have the nerve to? Admit, what's in there? Take a few minutes and figure out which Bam is and stand up. Take a SIP repeat Yvonne going to get what you want. Because I'M GONNA. Come over to your house and Meka. That's the case. Okay, I am.

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