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Five Day forecast. Who's Brian Thompson still can be a shower thunderstorm in sponsors Evening Otherwise partly cloudy, warm and muggy. Later tonight, Low 72 weeks of clouds and sunshine for tomorrow, hot and humid with a thunderstorm in spots, especially in the afternoon high near 90 although it will be closer to 80 at the lakefront. But the cloudy and McGee tomorrow night Low 70 hot and sticky on Thursday with some sunshine high near 90 then heading into Friday and for the fourth of July on Saturday, we'll Sunshine and clouds still hot and humid highs running close to 90. Hot and humid on Sunday with some sunshine can't rely to shower Thunderstorm. Hi Sunday 91. Immaculata meteorologist Brian Topside on Chicago's Weather Station. NewsRadio 7 80 a 105 point on FM, and it's time now for sports. And with that report, Here's Dave Kerner. White Sox and

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