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It fly away. I loved to God's Ron Rivera in talking about The name of the team, the Washington racial slurs. I love that his quote is a discussion for another time. The time run. When's the other time like I don't wanna have it. If this right now isn't the time then what is what is the apocalyptic world that Ron Rivera's waiting for word that will be the time where he's going to sit up in his bed that night and be like, you know what now is the time I could feel the time is right now to have this discussion. You'll be happy to know that Mr Ryan has stepped outside. All right. Very good. So, Bob Ryan, how does this go over Cam Newton in New England. And thank you for joining us. If indeed you are joining Well, I'm trying my best to join you. I'm 190 miles northwest of Boston on a lake. And so that's why you had difficulty reaching Nick. Now I can't get it from happening in the sea. But the constituency of one here, the local storekeeper who has a Patriots banner that he flies outside his house. I'm very happy. He's happy. So it weld mean it's a thumbs up. Now, and I think this is as close to a no brainer. No lose. Thing for the Patriots as it's consistently conceivable don'tyou. What do they have to lose what it's cost effective beyond NFL belief? It makes just completely perfect sense if it doesn't work out, and they were soft and they were 72 hours ago. No, this is this is like you've gotta be kidding me. This is like it's too good to be true. If if I asked you a week ago, What were the Patriots chances? You would have said What? And how does that change with this signing? Well, just that the time factor was time ast thing. Fight out and Newton your suitors as everyone was, you know, getting her the roster straighten out. He wasn't included. I would never say never with Belichick. It always made sense to me. It always did. Why not knew why not bring Newton and I was I was an advocate of this. And so, but I guess the chances I don't know what 2080 20% maybe 80? No, but just because I don't know why. But I I, It's always made perfect sense to me. Okay? You know what? I'm tired of all these media members taking a victory lap because they called something that always made perfect sense to them. Like we all know that Cam Newton to the Patriots made perfect sense. It was confusing for months that

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