Episode 107 Liberals and WE are BFFs - burst 2


This moment is that Cova has reduced pride to protests against the police. there's been really great actions that they've been seeing out of many cities of course Toronto because the Big Pride Parade in Canada Sorry Montreal. happens the today usually. and In this weekend, instead of having the property of course is not possible and the other events like the Dyke March and the Trans March. There was a big gay anti police rally in Toronto instead, and so that is just that's just so cool. I mean prides gone back to its roots of being I believe the Toronto Star called the first pride quote Unquote Parade, which of course was not appreciate. It was a protest. A gathering of militant homosexuals. Seventy happy militant homosexual day to you. About it yeah and I mean even yesterday I think there is a socially distanced murder that was a particularly talking about defunding the police. In Toronto as well, and so you know, and there's all these workshops and. Going on about the police. From different pride organizations, and that's fantastic, because that's the origin of pride, some some real. Hey, let's take a look at the fucking. Police Shit So. That feels pretty good to. Return to that for this pride right now. Even though you know, it's also a very lonely. It's a different kind of pride you know. Yes, yeah, yeah, totally now today. We're not

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