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Celebrex for Bipolar Depression


This week we're podcasting from the International Society for Bipolar Disorders Two Thousand and twenty conference. We've been scouring the virtual holes for all. That is practical, newsworthy, the oldest high tune in for new episode every day today new results are on anti inflammatory medication in bipolar depression. Welcome to the Khayelitsha Khatri podcast Katie Psychiatry honest since two thousand and three. The editor in Chief of the Carlisle Psychiatry report and I'm Kelly. newsom a psychiatric N. P. in a dedicated reader of every issue. So Cox Brand name celebrates is a non steroidal anti inflammatory with promising results in depression. Last year we ran an analysis of all the anti inflammatory therapies and depression, and this one came up on top with the best evidence at this year's conference. Dr Harris and colleagues reported on a randomized controlled trial of Selah Cox Augmentation in bipolar depression, and this was treatment resistant bipolar depression. They started the trial by randomize ing forty seven patients with treatment, resistant bipolar depression into two groups. The I got s Attala Pram and placebo while the second got s Attala Bram along with an augmentation of Selah Cox two hundred milligrams twice a day. These meds were added to their usual treatments. After two months, the silcock subgroup had significant improvement that result has already been published and in the conference they presented further data on biomarkers, although there's a lot of research on anti inflammatories in depression, very few of those studies actually measure anti inflammatory biomarkers to see if they improve along with treatment or if they predict response. Dr Hallier looked at the most popular inflammatory biomarker, high sensitivity, C, reactive protein. Check our January issue from this year for more on how to use that. Levels of CRP were significantly reduced in the anti inflammatory group. The ones who got Salak Sib. But outside of that positive, finding his other results, which looked at genes related to CRP were only marginally significant with P values around point zero six need a point zero five to pass general significance. The bottom line. This study joins a handful of others, bipolar depression, and along with the data in major depression. Selah Cox Zip has the best evidence of the Anti Inflammatory Group but this medication is not without risks, so if you use it, it should be reserved for your treatment. Resistant cases and ideally should be used for the short term like six months. Checkout are online review for more on how to

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