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Despite, what Donald Trump has done clearly America still has some degree of moral leadership in the world, not from our government, not from our president, but clearly the black lives matter movement has inspired similar movements that you've seen. We talked retired about the black lives. Matter Movement in France. Now you see this movement to take down the statues and Belgium it shows you the way for the United States to claim back some degree of our leadership in the. The world particularly in in this space is going to emanate from what people during the streets as much as what people during the White House and to me. That's a very hopeful thing that that that the movement can be the starting point for how the United States about restoring some degree of moral leadership post. Trump and everybody should check out if you want to know more about this. King Leopold's ghost is an amazing book by Adam Hot job. I mean just read this book and you will understand why. There should not be a statue of this man anywhere. Yes, that's a great one to answer the reading list and we'll talk quickly about an important bill in Congress, that folks should be really quite concerned about Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would force technology companies to allow police back door access to our phones, so that would mean like they would be able to encrypt your phone. Even if you didn't give them the password, it would also effectively banned encryption that secures messages that you send on services like signal or what's up. The bill is from Lindsey Graham Tom Cotton and Marsha Blackburn so just. If you if you, if you're listening to me and you're like I, don't know all the details of this stuff. What are you talking about? Just ask yourself. Do you want the send the troops into the streets? Guy To be writing laws about your privacy, right? Do you want the police departments that we've watched abuse suspects? Lie? You know on the record. Kill black suspects who are fleeing like. Torbert horrible abuses. We've seen to have unfettered access to your private data. Donald Trump's intelligence officials to be able to hack into all of our messages right like I'm not saying that all police. Are Bad, but when you provide them absolute power to always get into your phone to read all of your messages than you are inevitably going to get to abuse. We've talked about how Obama was wrong on this before I don't want to you know. relitigate his views on everything. We ever talk about, but you know I think he was wrong. When it came to fighting efforts to put really strong encryption on private data, but this is something. I think people need to understand is out there and talk about and really need every Democrat in the Senate to oppose bills like this and others that are like it. Yeah and Look Obama wrong is trying to get into one phone, this is. This takes that and turbochargers. It and Tom Cotton is not subtle about his kind of a thorough Teheran tendencies. Here you mentioned morning, but the military streets like. We should be moving in the opposite direction privacy. We should be strengthening privacy protections strengthening data protections so that people can trust that their information secure including from the government and people should just think about this like just imagine if any law enforcement agency and agencies like ice. Agencies that you know, let's.

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