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CBS's Carter Evans is going to lead off our coverage tonight


Is exploding across the South and west, Dr Anthony Fauci told Congress today. The dramatic increase in some parts of the U. S. Is now putting the entire country at risk. Tonight. 37 states are now reporting mohr infections compared to just two weeks ago. Hospitals in Texas and Arizona are now being stretched to their breaking points. Los Angeles County says it could begin running out of beds by the middle of next month. At least 14 states are pulling back on re opening, closing top tourist destinations, including beaches and bars, just days before the July 4th holiday. Tonight. New Jersey, Connecticut and New York wants the pandemics epicenter are ordering travelers from 16 states to quarantine if they want to visit. And the European Union tonight is banning most Americans from entering 27 member countries as we come on the Air Corona virus has killed more than 127,000 in this country. There are more than 2.6 million confirmed cases cases nationwide. As you can tell, there's a lot of news to get to tonight and our team of correspondents is covering all of it. CBS's Carter Evans is going to lead off our coverage tonight from Los Angeles, Carter

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