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It's so their reports today


It's so their reports today Cam Newton 100% healthy first of all, while that might be true, and for everybody's sake, I hope it is because the healthy campus More dynamic NFL. However, how does anybody know how healthy is social distancing NFL protocol who's actually examined him? He might feel 100% pain free, and I don't doubt his mind that he thinks he's 100% healthy. But there's a difference because there's no way at the age of 31. Taking all those hits is fully physically right. He might feel good now, but I think it's a little misleading. By the way. It's not to say that camp won't help the Pats if they were 79 Without him six and 10. Maybe they're nine and seven, maybe 10 and six with him. He'll make him better. But let's just tap the brakes a little bit on the cam enthusiasm. So we actually see him play

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