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The president has been briefed on that intelligence cited in the report. She said the president had not been briefed before today, contradicting a new report in the Times, which says the information about the bounties wasn't the president's Daily report back in February. McEnaney says the president is the quote most informed person on the planet when it comes to threats against the United States. Also today on Capitol Hill, the nation's top health officials pleading with Americans to follow safety recommendations to stop a growing virus search. Dr Anthony Fauci says he's very concerned with the U. S. Now seeing more than 40,000 new confirmed virus cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up. 100,000 day. If this does not turn around, algae says the outcome could be very disturbing, with the outbreaks, putting the entire country at risk. Sitting alongside. At a Senate hearing, CDC director Robert Redfield said. It's critical. All Americans take personal responsibility to slow the spread and embrace the universal use of face coverings. SOCCER Megane Washington We also heard from the Democrats presumptive nominee for president who took jabs at how Mr Trump is handling the Corona virus pandemic. Former vice president Joe Biden, accusing President Trump of giving the country no direction during the pandemic and wasting time during lockdowns clear message

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