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Life. Ralph is charged with felony murder.


Governor Andrew Cuomo tells New York Wandering news is our house is doing very well. Bad news is the neighbor's home is on fire. A fitness Jane in Phoenix is fighting back against new orders to shut down again. We don't feel this decision was fair, Tom Hatton says He spent a lot of money to install sanitation equipment, train employees and rearrange mountainside fitness. Jim's governor, Doug Ducey, has also ordered newly reopened bars and movie theaters to close their doors. Republican leaders in Washington now urging everyone to wear a mask in public. The ex Atlanta police officer who shot Ray Shard Brooks to death during a struggle is out of jail. A judge set bond of half a $1,000,000 for Garrett Ralph. Brooks, widow to Mekka. Miller addressed the court via teleconference like he had a complete disregard for my life. Ralph is charged with felony murder. New York City Council cuts a $1,000,000,000 from the police Department Council president Corey Johnson. I wanted us to go deeper. I wanted us to take larger headcount reductions. The changes will

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