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The group to cancel shows around the world. NASA has developed a necklace designed to help people avoid touching their face, which could spread Cove in 19 Dependent called Pulse vibrates when a person's hands get near their head. Pulse is not for sale. But if you're into d I, y GPL has 3411 on how to build it. All it takes is a motor wire, infrared sound sensor, battery transistor resistor and a three d printer. That's all the army is working to identify. Human remains found in Texas during the search for a soldier missing from Fort Hood body was found near the Leon River not far from the base. Crews have been in the area for weeks, trying to find army private first class Venice again. She disappeared in late April. The guy crossing the border between the U. S. And Mexico has been busted for hiding his monkey. That's not a euphemism. Customs and Border Patrol spokesman Rick Paul So says the driver was breaking federal law by smuggling a spider monkey last week into the center console of his truck with Spider monkeys. It's an endangered species, so they're protected and you wouldn't be able to import such an animal under normal circumstances. A

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