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Two Whats!? And A Wow! - Do The Math! (encore)


What's going on here? Why are there so many Biesen here? You're just in time for math. Be here. Take a seat right here, Ghairat but mindy. We have to do the game show. Welcome everyone and thank you all coming. Mindy I'm the only one here he's. Hold your apply. Too much welcome to the annual MAC be. Because can you ask why this is not a spelling bee? Why isn't this is spelling Bee Mindy? Is a great question. Random audience member. I've never met before in my life so I research has proven that bees are terrible spellers. Scientific research has suggested that bees are actually really good at math in that they've been known to solve simple addition and subtraction problems well I'd love to watch B.'s solving math problems with mindy. We've got a gang show to do. I. Keep forgetting about that. Okay take by. Five in the beehives be the light. In three. Ju! For everyone second favorite game show after eating miniature food. It's to what's. Still. To. Welcome back Hauser's. It's time for and. Dishes round of to what's. The scientific game show that separates the White House from them. Now before we begin today's round. Let's review where we left off. Yesterday we gave you threes scientific statements about fossils and challenged you to guess which one was the one true? How was it? A scientists have found fossils on every continent except for Antarctica or was it be the most expensive fossil in the world is a Spin Soros tooth that once sold for fifteen million dollars, or was it see boss allies, dinosaur poop is used for jewelry and to enter yesterday's question joining us by phone and. Wesley? What's the? Wow, hi, my name is Wesley and my in the world is. You can make jewelry out of fossilized dinosaur poop, he. Relies! Third Dinner Wesley. That is correct. Contestants of you guessed the answer. See that fossilized dinosaur poop is used for jewelry. You down the winning. Wow, congratulations, Wesley. Fossilized Dinosaur poop also known as copra lights is often used in jewellery, making just like bones, these fossils form over millions of

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