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The Highest Level of Authority Part 2


Does it feel like everyday face new battles? Many of us try to face these adversities on our own. We battle things like fear, doubt discouragement, and struggled to make it through them. God doesn't want that for you at all. In today's teaching, Joyce will share how you have power and authority in Jesus. Name to face these challenges prepare yourself for spiritual warfare and be confident that God will help you combat the. Now here's Joyce with her series winning life's battles. And? I would put it off as long as I possibly could, but then ultimately I had to go and stand in the pulpit with my pajamas on, and I was so embarrassed. And I kept having that dream kept having that dream and. Then after a period of time, God began to reveal these scriptures to me about. Putting on. Putting off and that scripture that I read you last night in revelation about stay alert. Stay awake and guard your clothes. And then I saw this scripture about putting on love and. God gave me the interpretation of my dream. He said you're not dressed properly in the spirit when you go to the platform. You got a lot of things. You've got a good teaching gift, but you need to ramp up your love walk. Need to put on love. Can I say to you today that maybe you've studied success and how you can get your way. Twelve keys to this ten keys to that and four steps to something else in ten steps to something else, but I would like you just to kind of meditate on your heart for a minute. About how much in your walk with God. Have you personally intensely studied walking in love and the fruit of the spirit? Even, know what love is. I Corinthians Thirteen says love is patient. We can see. Love is patient. It is kind humble. It's never jealous. It's never envious. It's not rude unmannerly. It's not selfish and self-centered. It doesn't demand its own rights its way. Love always believes the best. It never quits. Never gives up, so love can be seen, and love can be felt. and. We need to study it. Not just hug each other and church occasion, and say I love you with the love of the Lord. We need to study love. We need to know what it is because it is the most important thing. To God, and there is no way that we are going to defeat the devil, if we don't have a good healthy, strong, vibrant, intense love walk. Of all the things that I've taught you this weekend, and you shout it about a lot of them and had a good time I can say you're armed and dangerous. Hit everybody could. You're a superhero in the spirit. So now, I'm saying t today. You need to ramp up your love walking. That needs to be the most important thing to you to learn how to love God blogs. and. I learned these some odd fifteen years ago. That I can do things on purpose I. Don't have to feel like it. Love is not a feeling. It's how I treat someone. And the Bible teaches us purposefully and specifically that the best term to treat people good is when they have not treated you good. Bye. Now I cannot just be honest and tell you I. Think There's very few people that ever actually get around to doing this. There are some. But. I honestly believe that there are very few people who actually get around to doing it. I know that because I see people eyeball to eyeball all the time and I can tell how they respond to messages and. The Bible says. Bless your enemies. Pray for those who persecute and abuse you and misuse you. What would see that makes no sense to us. But if you ever noticed that a lot of things in God's economy, don't make any sense. The first will be last last. We'll be I if you want more giveaways. Some of what you have. And on and on now. If, you want to be the greatest in the kingdom. Then you must be the servant of all. The way to be powerful and God's kingdom is pretty much the opposite of the way. We would be powerful in the world. Now, it's a little challenging to treat somebody good. That hasn't been good to you only as far as your feelings are concerned. But when you move beyond your feelings living beyond your feelings, I wrote a book called living beyond your feelings. Come on his turn to step leading feelings control us. Your will is the big boss. No matter how you are what you think, you can make a willful decision and the Holy Ghost. Will link up with you if something that God wants you to do, and you can do whatever you want to do if you really want to do it. Learning how to love people on purpose couple of stories? Nice just say that a pastor has. A young man in his church he's loved him and nurtured. Emin been a mentor to him. He promotes them to associate pastor and. Everything's good. They're doing some good work together. This young man gets a little bit disgruntled about something. He didn't get something his way that he thought that he should have had who knows maybe he's not making as much money as he thinks he's. You didn't get the credit. He thought he deserved for something. Isn't it amazing? How pitiful we are at waiting on God to get to us what we think. We deserve if we really deserve it. Best. Say That again. They were always trying to make people give us what we think. We deserve instead of going to God to give us what we deserve and letting him work to ever he wants to. Stay really busy trying to make our own way. And so let's just say that this young man it's disgruntled, so he begins to cause strife in the church and let me tell you something. This is not a I mean. This is a made up story, but it happens in churches all ten. So he talks to different members in the congregation that he's friends with. Name Man I think. I'm GonNa Start, I think I'm going to start I think you know. How would you feel about that, would you? Would you go with me if I start another church and pretty soon now he's got about. Maybe thirty percent of the congregation going to go with them. So, he moves you know like. A mile two miles away and starts no, the Church and It's devastating to the pastor.

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