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The Power Trip


Is that they're? Not sure yeah. Started Golden State killers last night. Speaking of that's a strange basketball. Do. The Golden State Keller's because I haven't watched, asked the the HBO documentary that's also a six parter on the shell, McNamara's request and the Golden State killer. Who's been in the news again this week right? Because He's pleading guilty. On list of. Just, he's avoiding death penalty going to spend. I mean exactly so I saw review, because I haven't watched episode one yet either and when I saw review about. The the Gal that put together the documentary because Michelle again died a couple years she died before. The Patent Oswald's wife right right. Former wife, of course, right because of death. But it may caught the golden state killer after she died. But the GAL that put together. The documentaries mystically said she didn't want this to be like serial killer. Porras is six episodes highlighting how prolific he was, she he, she wanted to make the story of process els quest to catch him more than about him an across left St episode one okay, it was more about that than the actual gruesome -ness of what he was doing in. Times more than the actual. Catch him right exactly, and that's where the whole process is in the mindset, and and it's it's interesting. Hearing from her obviously her best. The the woman who was helping her was also trying to solve all these cases, and just driving through the neighborhoods in Sacramento Really Kinda creepy out. This is the this is the first of the third one

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