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San Leandro, Palo Alto And San Jose discussed on Larry Elder


Rush tax resolution dot com. Stuck in traffic. We've got the answer in Palo Alto north on one on one right at the Embarcadero Road offer at the vehicle's gone off the roadway ended up in the ditch on the left hand shoulder of the ramp Highway patrol already there. San Jose South about a Tijuana one car on the pickup truck involved in the crash. They move that over to the shoulder, you'll find traffic stop and go beginning around, bro. Call road heavy traffic being reported North bound, 101 between Ralston Avenue in Hillsdale Boulevard Possible crash. At Hillsdale Avenue. Be aware of that. And in San Leandro note found 8 80 just before Marina Boulevard to car crash that's on the shoulder. That's traffic by Michael Hi great queues here with youse private capital of Family operated real estate investment company. Have you been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see what will happen with this economy that needs to stop Because now is the timeto act to seize these available opportunities are real estate investments are not tied to the ups and downs of the economy, So there's really no reason to play the Wait and see

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