Golden State Killer pleads guilty to murders: 'I did all that'


California A 74 year old former police officer admitted today to carrying out a Siri's of horrific rapes and murders across California. The seventies and the eighties. In a plea deal, Joseph D'Angelo junior long known only as the Golden State killer admitted to dozens of crimes in exchange for life in prison. NPR's Erik Wester felt was in the courtroom, D'Angelo was brought into a makeshift courtroom in a wheelchair at Sacramento State University, used because of the Corona virus. He sat motionless in his orange prison jumpsuit wearing a plastic protective mask. As prosecutors from six counties across the state detail D'Angelo's gruesome 16 year crime spree, including 13 murders, DeAngelo would often tie up, taunt and terrorize his victims before raping and killing them. In this plea deal, the so called Golden State killer gets life without parole, avoids the death penalty and admits to dozens of other rapes and attacks where the statute of limitations has run out. It also avoids a lengthy trial during a deadly pandemic.

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