Hagemann-Jaguar + Newman Volvo Wagon



He added on got to get on a church on mandate it on man, thanks for tuning in and thanks for telling friend. Welcome car cast ma'am. Met The motivator. The Andrea Hello there I'm doin well around. That's car stuff. usual some buildings and things. So Let's see. Did you see my sweet Volvo Wagon? With Art Design Package. was laughing. It's a good like Arctic blue. It's a nice color. An Interior is on that thing Volvo. Did something with their styling department? couple. Couple of years ago and they got their shit together. Like everything looks pretty good. Everything looks good. Everything's Nice Yeah Volvos Nice, went and saw Leno's Volvo Wagon. Volvo over it is shop. The other day took sunny with me. It's funny. You. Say that the dude in the shop. Right next our shop. They have a door. Right where you park and a little platform and that's spray paint. Shit before they fixed their compressor zone and the guy just happily stands there. These. Fifty one inches away from your hood and he just sprays. Black Kreil on all day and I always think. So it should explain to move it up the lawn ten feet like you're just. There's a brand new car parked right there and you're just spray painting such a thing as over spray. Yes spray and try scratch the little dots one at a time off the front of your head, and you see the little the little cloud, this sort of migrating towards your hood and. I don't know I feel like he should have a little better situational awareness like his spray paint zone, which is not a spray paint, so and it's just A. It's just a landing in front of a door. It's outdoors. Like he should move it on over a little bit. Yeah, he has a parking lot by the way. Yeah, maybe he should go to his parking lot and do a spray. Yeah, where's this guy? He's. He's five feet away from the hood of your Volvo. Spray painting parts all day. Car Back that's that's his. That's his move. He had probably. Wake it up a little bit. Yeah, the question is I always ask is if that's his brand new car sitting there, does he? Does he do that? And I'm I'm going with now and his thing I. Don't want to be the guy that'd be like. Hey, man, maybe maybe walk this thing down to the you know ten feet. or where where were you WANNA go? Like maybe go to your parking lot. Will they have an entire parking lot in front of their? Big Parking Lot right so he could do it there. Although might drift

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