Pasture-Raised Egg Producer Vital Farms To Take a Crack at Wall Street


From wonder I'm David Brown and this business worse daily on this Thursday. July sixteenth. Now. Here's a question I bet you've never thought about are happy. Chickens wealthier than unhappy ones or to put it another way. Our Hens with freedom to roam likely to produce greater profits than chickens stuck in cages. One Company says yes, vital farms, one of the country's largest producers of pasture-raised eggs. His filed plans to go public. The stock market is hardly bubbling over with egg producers, which is one reason why vital farms pending IPO stands out also curious what the IPO says about consumers growing interest in purchasing products, especially food from environmentally and socially responsible businesses. Vital Farms is a certified B. Corp that means it's passed rigorous tests of its social environmental and human rights practices, according to Be Labs, the nonprofit that awards B. Corp Certification only about twenty five hundred companies have achieved be court status most are small, and privately held the largest publicly traded be. Corp To date is yogurt maker Danone North America other large, publicly held be corpse, include crafting platform Oetzi and Brazilian beauty products. Business called Notre compared to the multibillion dollar Dan. Own vital farms is tiny. By the husband and wife team of Matt O'hare Catherine Stewart on twenty seven acres in two thousand seven today, vital farm sells eggs to whole foods, sprouts, kroger, and target, or with the last five years, the desire for cage free inhumanely raised eggs, has as evidenced by

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