Is endorsing someone. I hope not something


Have taken over dozens of high profile Twitter accounts. And while we're talking high profile Barack Obama That's pretty high profile. Jeff Bezos. Pretty high profile uber apple Cash at Joe Biden. Apparently Elon Musk got got hit as well. Also Bill Gates, Kanye West Bill Gates. I mean, This list of people with tens of millions of followers. Huge these guys got owned. It's probably one of the most reasonable things Kanye West has said in the last week. You know the most reasonable is was his announcement today that he's putting his presidential campaign on hold is endorsing someone. I hope not something So beware everybody. If in case you just so happened across one of these posts now Twitter surely has gone through and, you know, hit the no longer available right so you can't find them. But somebody's probably sharing the screen shots around or whatever it is. Just beware and just be where in general, If you see one of these posts, so given example, they actually put here on business insider dot com. This is what cash app right now, if you don't know it, cash app is or what the hackers wrote under cash. APS Twitter Cash up is square people heard of square. They do a lot of credit card processing for business. And I think the Twitter guy actually Jack Dorsey, The CEO is also the CEO of Square. God. That's right. His his other company account on his other company got got Hacked. So square has this thing called Cash app, which Are you and I are users on its A. It's like a papal competitors basically take and send off. You know, you get a little username, accepting Bitcoin friendly. No. Well, Less Bitcoin opposing. Let's say this. They've integrated buy Bitcoins directly from them. Correct. They're

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