Chicago's Southwest side. Crane.


Bank branch near Downer in Broadway, Aurora police now assisting with that federal investigation. Bodycam video captured from the perspective of two former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Voids that Memorial Day police involved killing it's now public viewings are by appointment only. Associated Press correspondent Ed Donnie, who has seen it inside Minneapolis courthouse in the minutes before his death. Floyd pleads with the officers saying, I'm not a bad guy and onlooker told him you can't win, Floyd responded. I don't want to win a few minutes later, his voice fading. Floyd occasionally says I can't breathe before he goes. Still, nobody can was taken from Former officers Tom Selena J. Alexander King. Both are charged in the case there. Former fellow officer Derek Children remains charged with 2nd 3rd degree murder and manslaughter. Floyd's family is now suing the city of Minneapolis. Starbucks began requiring facemask today for both customers and employees in all 9000 of its U. S stores. Wal Mart starts doing the same Monday says it'll have so called health ambassadors near its entrances, reminding choppers to cover their faces Sam's clubs joining as well, pretty masks. It says will be doled out at storefronts

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