'Fat Guys at the Movies' Kevin Carr on reopening of theatres amid pandemic


We are joined by our guys at the movies guy Kevin Kerr and Kevin I know theaters are opening here in Pinellas county they're gonna open up again right now the much to the chagrin of some but the movies themselves aren't being made anymore now than it's going to be a while probably for Hollywood cranks it up again and well yeah I think people are waiting and seeing what's going to happen because the movie that's that's next on the slate the next one that that had a release date that did not get moved his talent which is David of seasoning which is Christopher Nolan's latest film he of course did inception and the dark knight movies in interstellar and Dunkirk and this is going to be a big movie part of it is it's a seventy millimeter film the once showed him thirty five millimeter and seventy millimeter to my Max but it's also two hundred million dollars so you need to have as many theaters open and you got to have them being able to play and you also have to have a sort of that consumer confidence of people going out to do it you can't deal with the suppressed audience now they just dropped attendance trailer yesterday last night and it is it does not have a release date all the trailer but according to the website it's still coming out on July seventeenth so we'll see before there's new content that that's coming out I think this is one of those you know what came first chicken or the egg the reader is going to open up a nationwide or are they gonna start releasing movies first and and that's something but I think it's a wait and see I think there's there's still some time left for this to be pondered could you see because the state of Georgia is opening up and we know that there's a lot of film incentives out there could you see Hollywood packing up and maybe going out east to Georgia to get some of this film work done for future movies well here's the problem with actually ramping up the production as well is it the there's there's the insurance issue that that every large production had carries of some sort of production insurance it says that they're going to be able to continue to produce and make this movie and that there's not something that's going to happen to it like a great example is in the fast and furious movie there this is one of the best movies there in the middle of making and Paul Walker died and then change the schedule and change the budget and changed everything they had insurance that covered that it's gonna be very hard to start up production on anything with any sort of coronavirus insurance so like the big productions are still out you know I E. independent doesn't matter where they where they go even Tyler Perry's talk about opening up but you're going to have to have distancing there as well either talking about producing smaller movies like a Blumhouse is going to be doing something Michael bay has one that he wants to start producing very soon but those are going to be smaller low budget the productions are not gonna be the two hundred million dollar blockbusters well they're going to be interesting to see how it all plays out and I guess going to be big for Netflix and Hulu and all of those like that

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