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How to Go from Total Newbie to SEO Expert in Record Time | Ep. #1387


Up your marketing knowledge with your instructors. Neil Patel and Eric Su. Hey Margie school listeners. I have an interesting stat for you. Did you know that Walmart improved their conversion rate by two percent for every second that improved their low time in other words website speed helps with conversions in addition to that google uses it to determine where your site ranks in their index so the fastener website loads the higher? You'll rink for that reason. I want to talk to you today. About a company called Dream House dream. Hose powers the web with fast websites and superior customer service brought to you by team of web experts or super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Zoo and I'm Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about how to go from total NEWBIE TO SEO experts in record time all right. I love record time sauces like the faster you can get there the better eric and I. I've talked about this a little bit in the past but when a lot of people WANNA learn Seo type all right. I need to get clients. I can learn. I need to watch some videos. I can learn or I need to read. Eric's blogger neal's blogger. Moths or search engine journal or any of these blocks. None of those approaches are raw even going to conferences. That's not necessarily wrong approach. But YOU'RE NOT GONNA LEARN HOW TO BE SU expert in record time unless you're practicing on your own website. The quickest way is palpable. Wordpress site. If you don't know how to do that go to W. P. beginner dot com and Sii will teach you how to start a wordpress clog. It's really simply has a step by step tutorial. Gada up and running and then from there you can read the blogs watched the videos go to the events by implement everything. You're learning on your own website. You don't really need to the in person stuff more so just go online. Get the tactics in Dettori. Also and just start testing and implementing it. And you'll see I made this change. This did this for me and it grew my traffic. Oh I made this change. It takes my rankings in. It didn't do well. Oh I made this change. Nothing happened after thirty days of making that change by just experimenting and trying out. You'll figure out what's working and what's not now that doesn't mean you're going to be SEO expert right away you're going to s you're really well all types of sites. 'cause every state has their own problem. But you're going to pick up the skills that fast doing start off with your own website. And then was he a good. You can do it on other people's websites. Yeah I'm just GONNA share a couple stories back when I first started learning. Seo I basically a couple wordpress websites and back in the day. I used to go to a lot of music festivals. This is when I was like twenty three or so I really liked. The light shows that the music festival is right so I was like man. I'M GONNA make a website and that's going to be called light. Show videos dot com also my God the exact match domains available going to be able to get it right and then my friend was trying to make me feel better. She's like I think it's going to be big. I think it's going to be big too. So what happened. Was I made a lot of mistakes. I think this is a key thing. My biggest mistake was targeting one keyword and trying to build the entire quote unquote business around it. You don't WanNa do that in fact what you WANNA do. Is You want to focus. On Queer. Potential customers are and serve a broader audience. Instead of just saying light show videos and then for me I just took other people's content. I just reposted it and hire writers for five to ten dollars an article and then I would basically get articles written in an outdo gray hat stuff route spin the article and then I got my number one ranking. I learned how to get a number one ranking but I learned from that experience that you can't just focus on a keyword has low volume and he put an entire business around one keyword right so that was a big lesson that I learned and then I tried to build another website. Called how to get rid of pimples. Dot Net and focusing a key word again and I learned from that one where I basically had a low quality articles at crappy designed. I tried to go cheap. Might traffic shot up to ten thousand visitors. A day which is great for like a beginner. Although my God I made it Google Algorithm hit me a day slot by site down and so from that I learned another thing right looking meals point you have to take a licking because it doesn't matter what Neil and I teach you here or whatever you read. If you don't learn and you get closer to the experience yourself you're not gonNA to be able to get good and then the other thing. The Eric mentioned that I want you guys all pay attention to his. He did how to get rid of pimples on that and then he also did by show videos. He accused rich domain. Names Right. Now you WANNA focus on brandings when you're doing seo and you're trying your own website. Don't pick a cure rich domain name like Eric. Now has CMO grain click slow click flow? Doesn't have too many keywords in there like yeah there's click but that's not really key that he's going after and nor is single grain right a. Lotta people think related to Or something like that. You're only bought whiskey there. You go the point. I'm trying to make is cured. Rich domain names.

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