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05-22-20 Native artists get creative to stay afloat


Welcome to native America calling from Studio Forty nine in Albuquerque. I'm Tara Gatewood. Gather Nations Powell. The Santa Fe Indian market in other art markets have been postponed or cancelled. Many native artists are left without venues to reach customers and collectors in person. Instead many artists are hustling to find ways to interact online and on social media. Join US after the news as we talk with native artists about what's changed in how they are continuing to share their work through the pandemic stay tuned. The National Native News Antonio Gonzalez Strong Hearts at native helpline launched a new online chat function this week to better assist native. American and Alaskan Native People Experiencing Abuse Christine Trudeau reports the expansion of services as part of a long term goal back in March as Covid nineteen safety restrictions amped up across Indian country. Strong Hearts Native helpline saw a dip in their calls. That has continued through. May Director Lori. Jump says that may be due to survivors sheltering in place at home with an abusive partner. Making it all the more difficult to make a phone call when help is needed. You know much easier who send a chat message. Because it's a silent form of communication right and so you not having to worry about somebody overhearing you on the phone..

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