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When it Comes to Love We don't Need a Superhero or Superwoman


When it comes to love we don't need a super hero or super woman when it comes to love. We don't need a superhero super one. It seems that we have gone it wrong. In thinking that special someone has to be all the things that will save our lives and make our lives to complete women's think somehow Mr Right will either be a soulmate. Means every expectation when it comes to the looks finances understanding education etc for men. The idea is that a woman will meet certain look beyond the standing depending on the cultural differences. She should be a great cook in today's world. In many cultures women also expected to work outside the home in some cases the men are also expected. Take Party childcare is. Don't get me wrong. No-one should be with someone they absolutely do. Not find a check that in a good companion especially given the right to choose no no one given a choice should be with someone that is not supported but I truly believe that these are unrealistic expectations set by society and reality will most people won't both men and women so on that they can find happiness with I live in New York City. A place was supposedly many choices for those who are single but in talking to some men in particular this is what I keep hearing from them. Single guys they are lonely. They they are hard workers capable fidelity some blue-collar some professional they don't engage in it illegal activities. Had their own place to live. You get my drift. They say I just need someone to be with to spend time with to feel supported by the women want pretty much. The same as solid gun won't willing to commit to a relationship. A hardworking guy. Amanda can get along with. It seems to me that neither men women want a superhero. The woman. This is not to say that they aren't some people out there with some poor sense of reality but we are not talking about those people who are really not meant to be relationships to begin with also know that no one she settled for anyone they feel as less than what they want in a partner but she said I'll standards to what is really going to provide us with a partner. That cares loves US and is committed to the relationship as we are Everyone has falls. Then we'll there will be bumps along the road but the ultimate goal is to find. What is the right fit for us? Not what's the size society finds the right fit? Remember although life may bring you many storms. Love always always

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