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A Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backward - burst 13


Frederick Fritz Joe Bear Duchenne a South African bower in German soldier big game hunter journalists and despite one of the craziest stuff that wikipedia was in your high. We're ever GonNa have done in the history of this show. Listen up this dude. Fritz you fought on the side of the bow. I hope I'm pronouncing right in the second blower war and is a secret agent for Germany during both world wars he gathered human intelligence led spy rings and carried out sabotage missions as a covert field asset in South Africa. Great Britain Central and South America and the United States by many aliases fictionalized his identity and background on multiple occasions and operators con man as a bower spy he was known as the Black Panther we operated under the codename done in an FBI files. He's frequently referred to as the Duke. He was captured convicted in escaped several prisons Bro. What this is one dude? When I do seven podcasts in a week I'm like so fucking proud of what I've done I've tweet about tweet. About six. Times live life to the fullest baby. I'm saying you have to go the Fritz route or whatever in certainly not on the side of both Germany in Germany both wars or whatever. But I'm just saying live life to the fullest anyway so during the Second. Boer from eighteen ninety nine to nineteen to do. Shin was captured and imprisoned three times by the British and once by the Portuguese in each time he escaped God. I missed the good old days. When big-name criminals escaping from prison was a thing? That's what made like El Chapo. So fascinating right because this never happens anymore in El Chapo escaped and then didn't get caught and escape again. What a nut WOULDA Kooky guy also a murder on one occasion. Fritz infiltrated the British army. He became an officer and led an attempt to sabotage Capetown and to assassinate the commander in chief Lord Kitchener Only. His team was given by an informant and all were captured and sentenced to death. After a failed attempt to escape prison Capetown. He was sent to prison in Bermuda but he escaped in the United States and became an American citizen because of course he did in World War One. He became a spy and ringleader for Germany. And during this time he sabotage British merchant ships in South America with concealed bombs and destroyed several of these ships. He sometimes purchased insurance on merchandise he shipped on the vessels he sabotaged and then he filed claims for damages. You became known as the man who killed kitchener in quote since he claimed guided a German U boat to sink. Hms Hampshire on which Lord Kitchener was in route the Russian nineteen sixteen. Although forensics of the ship do not support this claim apparently after he was caught by federal agents in New York in nineteen seventeen. He feigned paralysis for two years and cut the bars of his cell to make his escape thereby avoiding deportation to England where he faced execution for the deaths of British sailors in nineteen thirty two. He was again captured in New York by federal agents in charge both homicide and for being an escaped prisoner. Only this time. He was set free after. Britain declined to pursue the wartime crimes. The last time he was captured in prison was nine hundred. Forty one when he and thirty two other members of the douche inspiring were caught by William Jesus aboard a double agent with the FBI leader convicted in the largest espionage conviction in the history of the United States. We still aren't done between wars. Do served as an adviser on big game hunting to us. President Theodore Roosevelt. Also as a publicist in the movie business and a journalist a fictional Australian war hero and as head of the new foods society in New York during the Boer War. He had been under orders to kill. Frederick Russell Burnham Chief of Scouts in the British army but in one thousand nine hundred he worked with both Burnham and then a Rep Robert Bussard to lobby the United States Congress to fund the a the importation of hippopotamuses into Louisiana to solve a severe meet shortage often took on many identities. Reinvented his past will attach his ancestry to aristocratic. Clans granted himself military titles and medals in spoke of many people. Some fact and some fictional Yes I remember. Fritz he spoke of many people some fact and some fictional mean what. This is almost like honestly this one. When I was doing it I was like okay so somebody knows. I do a podcast. 'cause I got this tip from a listener oftentimes when we do stuff to Wikipedia when you. Hi It's because when he sent me a tip and I was like so somebody knows knows I did a podcast that I do a podcast with segment called stuff to compete and they made this dude up. That's how much ridiculous shit. How do you escape this many times? What does this fucking guy? Houdini good did you ever stop to get laid. What in the hell busiest man alive possible? Psycho I don't know but easily one of the most insane stuff that wikipedia when you highs we've ever done next segment. What do we do for episode three hundred? Yes we're to away from episode three hundred and we're a year into Bowlin media. As of the beginning of this month. We missed the anniversary of that because a Kobe. I completely missed. It didn't even notice to like a week later. So here's the deal. I know everybody wants me to record in the slingshot right. Here's why the slingshot idea. Is it like super enticing to me? Your boy doesn't drive okay. I don't drive like I've explained this but if you've never heard it I get really bad anxiety in the car when I'm driving only when I'm driving when I'm a passenger so there's not really an appeal to recording this like that's a lot for me to set it up and then like to sit in my driveway and then have somebody driving back to rental place like like. Listen if you're if that's the only thing y'all want I will do it but I won't I will. I will complain. That's what I'm saying if you're wanted I will do it like Colorado me. I will still do it. But here's what I ask at least consider other options. I would like y'all because listen we're probably GONNA. We are in fact. We are definitely. We're GONNA see next Wednesday right for episode three hundred so we've got almost a week for me to set up whatever so tweet instagram. Email all the ways you come at me normally for episode three hundred. Give me some ideas. Okay like I had. I had one. I'll give you to sprinkle in some all time moments from the first three hundred episodes so actually if y'all WanNa hit me with some of your favorite moments of our vp ever as well. Holler at me. I'm in 'cause I had an to spring like the show will be made up of new stuff. Obviously the episode three hundred but I wanted to sprinkle in some of those all time moments from the first three hundred episodes. So there's one of my ideas come at me with your ideas on twitter at W. Bolan instagram. Wwl Boland's snapchat at W. R. Bolan email. Ross at Ross Bohlin PODCAST DOT COM put episode three hundred in the subject line. So I know what you're saying. Let me hear from you. Maybe I'll think like episode. Three hundred destroy voicemails like twenty different listener voicemails. The best ones I can find maybe want like I don't know guests only or something like you want three special guests. Just guest interviews. I have no idea whatever it is you want. Holler at me and I will do my best to make it happen. I should also be on twitter lot definitely Thursday and Friday evening so come through and tell me what you want on twitch dot TV slash. Boss Roland is well. We've been having a blast I got my first warzone win. Finally it was huge. I'm so excited to celebrate the three hundred episode with. Y'All thank you so much for your support and allowing me to do this as a as a career into bring you three hundred episodes of this podcast before you head out to take on the world. It's time for some very important announcement first and foremost if you're a veteran. If you've served we're calling veterans. Please listen to episode to ninety five the forty minute mark in fifteen seconds will explain. Samo O'hare the brilliant musician behind our theme song and our stuff that we competed. When you're high that you heard earlier he needs some stuff from you veterans to make

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