A Turning Point: Race Relations In Sports



It has now been more than four weeks in George. Floyd was murdered nearly a month since we all watched him. Take his last breaths. It feels like so much is different, but real actionable change that takes time. Many who took to the streets in protests have now resumed their daily lives, so now seems appropriate to discuss how sport will handle affairs moving forward. As North American teams and Leagues Continue Their Return to play processes. It is vital that the conversations and promises made when the racial issue was hottest that they do not go away. In a few moments, we will welcome in our panel to discuss how that should happen, but first a look at how we got here in the first place. He will have color have been argued about beliefs, and that's not right. That's not right by any was standards. The point he was making gut twisted from the start. The beginning when Colin Kaepernick I made is public protests peacefully heap I sat on the bench during the national anthem to bring awareness. There's a lot of things that need to change once one specifically police brutality. There's people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. It was the summer of two thousand sixteen, when he bursts truly used his platform as an NFL quarterback to speak out against systemic racism by police in the weeks leading into that preseason payment. San Francisco capper Nick had watched. We all had. To white officers pinning down Alton Sterling. And pumping. into his chest and back. He saw the traffic stop in Minnesota when Philander Casteel was killed in front of his girlfriend in charge. And captured it could not understand how mental health therapist Charles Kinsey could be shot by police when he was lying on the ground with his arms up in the air, people of color have been targeted by police. Cops are getting paid leave. For killing people. That's not right. That's not right by anyone's standards. And yet from the beginning law in. pre-game gesture was misrepresented and downright manipulated. The Christ came that he was disrespecting the flag that it was a slap in the face to military personnel. But when active soldiers pointed out, they serve to provide their citizens with the freedom of speech that capture nick was exercising. That narrative quickly was quashed when army veterans who had been in battle, echoed that very sentiment out of national football league buildings team needs I would be disappointed if any of our players didn't stand up for the national anthem personally. I, look at that as a salute to the people who have paved the way for us. Our Organization believes that. You should. Respect the flag and so you'll save those individual decisions to expression show. On individual form. And that became the prevalent message. Don't do it here. Stick to sports. The underlying tone. How dare you protest without our approval we're. Do you get off? Colin Kaepernick criticizing anyone in another uniform. Right the men and women lead for this, I- scenic. First hand. For. Somebody do that to get paid millions of dollars. It's ridiculous. Cabinet remained undeterred. United States Army Bet. Nate! Boyer who did tours of duty in Iraq, and Afghanistan encouraged him to kneel and not sit. By, taking a knee voyeur told him you show your respect for fallen brothers that way. So capture nick did. And then more NFL players followed. And yet the public and political conversation in the US would not steer toward police brutality. No matter how much star athletes peacefully attempted to. And the leader in America's biggest chair. Amy Shirley Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners? When somebody disrespects our flag to say, get that son of a job appealed right now out each fire. I! Capture Nick became a source of division for standing up against injustice. He hasn't taken a snap since that twenty sixteen season. And at this year Super Bowl USA. Today's jared bell minced no words on why that is I. Think it's pretty obvious. He's been blackballed for Colin Kaepernick not to have a job is just. It's the worst look for the NFL. No conversation was more dominant inside NFL. Locker rooms that season than the Kapernick one teams are made up of players of all ages of all backgrounds of so many ethnicities. If you actually want to listen to different perspectives. If you're an athlete who would want to hear what your peers had to say, there would be no shortage of takes to soak in. But fundamentally the want would be to understand capper knicks fundamental point. After George Floyd one of the League's biggest stars reminded us that many still didn't I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country. Maybe that was the crossroads moment because the reaction to. It felt like something had changed almost as. That won't cut. It anymore drew. brees in the rest of the NFL were told right away, the new. Orleans quarterback came under fire. The players in the league had just about enough of the establishment silence. They had captured message. They were not gonNA. Let owners and Roger Goodell get away with it this time. Would have other Jewish Knowledge George if I was. I was George Void. Jewish. And say hi in. Regard. To me right. Breezes all pro receiver found Dallas's bruising runner and Houston's electrifying quarterback, and Kansas City Super Bowl Mvp. And Obi. And they all let you know. We. Condemn Racism and assistant. Matic oppression of black people. National League, admit wrong and silence our players from protesting. Also. Black lives matter black lives matter. Like loves. To Have Patrick Mahomes the next superstar the NFL. Front and center. That was massive. And the very next night the commissioner uttered the words you never imagined would happen. We the National Football League Immune. We were wrong for not listening NFL players earlier. And encourage all speak out in peacefully protests. Read the National Football League believe black lives matter. Progress. Probably a step forward. You want to believe so. The day after the commissioner changed his tune, breeze went to social media again. He'd already made his hollow apologies without actually saying sorry, and he finally seemed to be listening to what some teammates had to say, and after all of that even drew brees somewhat stood up to the president. It won't Change Donald Trump of course, but maybe it will make others think. Perhaps it will create more uncomfortable conversations to allow for a greater understanding among all of us. And at the very least it has given others throughout sport. To have the freedom to finally say their piece open believing they may at last be heard. Or country is in, trouble. Basic reason is race. You're seeing an example of future. That's fighting for you for you. Right now a fine for you got a grandfather that march legs. Dr King in the sixties. And he was amazing. You'll be proud to see us all. Got Pushing? Forward Doing Casey marched with his family. Members of Detroit's organization. An NBA coach using his voice. Over in Jacksonville Jaguars personnel were among the demonstrators. North Philly's finest. He walked. Kyle Lowery's we can. Priorities were set. This though. This is just the start. To silence of countless elites spoken loud. Until you see action from an, don't forget by the leaks themselves. We wonder what the real commitment to progress actually is. What capper protests was about from. The beginning can no longer be debated. And it is now crystal clear to all of us that no athlete should just shut up and dribble. Nelson Mandela famously said. Sport has the power to change the world. Since George, Floyd perhaps we have learned that change can come more from our sporting icons using their voice platform in pursuit for justice than any jumper were swing. Or goal or touched them. Stick to sports. Sure let's stick to sports bettering the world in a new way. Let's start hearing the real message now. And most of all, let's not get the words and actions like Hafer. Knicks twisted. When he tried to begin the real conversation. Before US AGO!

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