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Welcome to the amateur traveler I'm your host Chris Christensen? Let's talk about Bosnia. I like to welcome to the show. Canaan Charter, which who is coming from Bosnia and his coming to us from highlander adventures dot, be and has come to talk to us about Bosnia Herzegovina. Canaan welcome to the show. Thank you very much happy to be here excellent and for people who can't find Bosnia and Herzegovina on a map. Where are we talking about? Well. Everyone knows how to find Italy. It's a big shoe ships country. You have a boot-shaped country, so just go to the right side across the Atlantic Sea and we are right there. Well and your neighbor of Croatia. Bosnia you know goes around like little crescent moon. knoll on the West and south, and then these we have Serbia and southeast Montenegro. I to address. You're interested in making sure that people understand that. If they remember news about Bosnia, they may be remembering news from twenty thirty years ago when Bosnia was going through. A, war that's done, and that's been done now for quite a long time there there are people who are out in the working world who don't remember that and it's a wonderful place to go I. Want to say that I was anxious to do this show because we haven't done a show on Bosnia for a long time. And since then I have been to the country and loved it. So why should someone go to Bosnia Herzegovina? Well, there is a lot of reasons depending what you're interested in now. Bosnia is very complex country, but extremely small size of Pennsylvania, but inside. You have so much for the adventure seekers. There are so many adventure opportunities from Whitewater. Rafting canyoning to paragliding hiking is spectacular, and then if you're into history, we say that we have much more history than we can handle. Different Than Empires were here. We like to say where the crossroads or that where the meeting between the East and the West. Culturally very complex country, and also religiously we have Muslims, we have the Orthodox Christians, and we have Catholics with three big groups. Of course there's the Jewish community here which has been here since they were thrown out of Spain after Kista, so for five hundred years, all of these make this crazy, crazy and beautiful mix that very interesting for foreigners to see because inside I will for example and. And in many other cities in Bosnia, you can pined mosque Docs Church Catholic, Church and a synagogue literally in two hundred meter radius, and it's been like that for five hundred years while inside I will because that's how will the city is? And all of a Bosnia and we're very proud of that architecturally very different from anything else you can find in Europe you're GonNa, find this mix of. Of European styles as well as the optimum styles and a lot of course, local Bosnian styles in all of that mixed together will like to say that we are a Bosnian pots. That's one dish that we have. It's cooked in a big pot with a lot of things, mixed sight, and that's Bosnia a lot of things mixed, and it works perfectly. An Indian taste is fantastic why you should. Should visit Bosnian well. Whatever you choose. You're GONNA love it. If you're into history too much of it, you're into nature. It's absolutely stunning. It's fantastic, magic Pennsylvania, and then put inside the Rockies Grand Canyon Inca trail at a lot of other things as well a bit of New Zealand as well. We just like seaside. We have twenty four kilometers of seaside, so that's one thing with them have. And then, of course, for actually learning history or getting certain messages, let's say about life about history. How people live together or how they don't like each other, because while we had a lot of wars, let's especially in the last two hundred years. There's a lot of lessons that you can learn in Boston. Let's say war tourism doctors is now very big part of tourism in in Bosnia so if you want to learn about that, we are definitely to come to see what happens. If you don't defeat fascism, like most of Europe defeated off the Second World War and it actually shows how life can be both good and the bat also if you want to visit a place. which is completely different than rest of the Europe and very relaxed very laid back with fantastic food, most at a lot of reasons I think.

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