HBO Max Pulls ‘Gone With the Wind,’ Citing Racist Depictions


The new streaming service HBO Max has temporarily removed gone with the wind from its online library in light of the ongoing national conversation about systemic racism HBO says it wants to add historical context to the drama which has long been criticized for romanticizing slavery KCRW's Darrell Samson has more gone with the wind is one of the most famous and highest grossing movies ever made so you won no gentleman and you miss are no lady I don't think that I hold that against you ladies have never held a job for me H. B. O. announced the move to shelve the nineteen thirty nine film after director John Ridley published an op ed in the LA times denouncing it sympathetic portrayal of the confederacy among other racist depictions it's another example of how entertainment companies are scrutinizing current and past productions in the wake of George Floyd's death in the social movement it has sparked this week the paramount network drop the long running reality series cops after thirty three seasons in a statement Warner media which owns HBO said quote keep this title up without an explanation and that announcement of those depictions would be irresponsible Warner says when gone with the wind returns the H. B. O. Max rotation it will include historical context but the film will not be altered in any

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