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President, Washington And Darryl Williams discussed on Doug Stephan


The street push their way through rushing the crowd trying to disperse people in all different directions your gas is used in the reprise of medic going up the crowds as it was running away Lafayette park itself was cleared with the help of pepper spray by the US park service police your browser set a curfew but it was clear that will be largely ignored some of the crowds okay windows with pieces of concrete as they were leaving the area Bob Costantini near the White House at least forty one hundred people have been arrested over the days of protests since the killing of George floored a million Francis west point officials say sixteen cats of tested positive for covert nineteen after being summoned back to campus for commencement address by president trump scheduled in June Michaels explained west point superintendent lieutenant general Darryl Williams says the affected cadets are receiving treatment but are not showing symptoms of the disease in addition seventy one of the more than five thousand faculty staff and civilians at west point have tested positive for the virus since March the cadets who were surveyed for symptoms before returning have been arriving in groups that are tested in quarantine upon arrival I'm bill Michael as protesters gathered outside the White House Friday night in Washington DC president trump was briefly taken to the underground bunker there for a period of time according to a law enforcement source president was there for a little under an hour before being brought back upstairs personally Bologna trump and their son Barron also take into the bunker a million Francis America's.

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