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New York, Ernie Accorsi And Tom discussed on Sal Licata


The scene are happier fans were and may you walk around New York in the season where giant colors you don't want to disappoint them and it's really pleased that they were so happy stalk out proud you are of the light how much now I'll tell you what this year I think of what we went through to try to get him you know back in two thousand and four and how you almost didn't become a giant I'm glad it worked out the way that I knew Ernie Accorsi and Tom and Jerry Reese had a conviction about him and transaction is paid off and this year he just took another step I felt like it took the entire team owners this year he lifted everybody around me I remembered the scouting report I miss he said you know he doesn't have the greatest deal talent around him but he makes everybody better and man they're not too many of those guys on the planet this is the character of this team it's got to be some special to watch them come back with seven seven the bad loss to Washington and be able to put a winning streak like this together and stay together as a team mentally really showed a tremendous amount of character that a lot of that comes from the head coach because he never gives up and yeah the work ethic that our players are displayed throughout the year was very impressive I just got the feeling that they never gave up either they never lost confidence in winning the jet game for us was huge huge game we're gonna win that we're not we're not in the playoffs and I think that gave us a great deal of confidence how does this compare to two thousand and seven it's hard to compare the two I would have to say this one was maybe a little more unlikely yeah to be eight seven seven having lost four games in a row or a little earlier and and having played a miserable game against the Redskins it's been hard to predict back then we stand here right now thank you Mr American graduates that giants co owner John Mara.

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