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George Floyd, Soho And Minnesota discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


L. seven another protester stood up there with their and they sat there with their signs that we're trying to sort of like make these people read the signs that said you know stop police brutality and four said George Floyd you know they were trying to get them to think why they're out here instead these people I guess eventually pushed through and and they couldn't control it I looting continues in New York City boxes Brian as reports from soho where shops have been cleared out following days of protests in writing in the city we have seen people here that have come brought their cars up to the store front pages loaded up their cars with everything that they could you know people are driving around taking photos are just trying to figure out what's left we see people with garbage bags and essentially they're going shopping right now stealing from stores stories so in Minnesota the National Guard is helping police control the looting boxes Mike Tobin is there thirty guardsmen on every corner in the downtown area and of course boards up on the windows and garbage men here keeping the peace we sell some bike for cops their units coming through the downtown area there were widespread arrests again that was concentration of a rest at a gas station one one hundred fifty people have been zip stripped and not carted away in some of those transport vehicles with various range of charges ranging from violating curfew two of vandalism two arson and attempted arson America is listening to fox news working together is what makes us stronger that's why I hurt media is here to work for you in these days of uncertain time you have a.

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