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WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK! We have been visting over recent weeks with a Rochester Mom who took her a house full of kids in a big giant RV across the country till the Cova brought them home. mom is Amanda Joyce and she joins us now. All is well up at the house Ma'am. Good morning it is yeah. In a quick recap, what did you guys do? We we left last June July was and gotten the and we drove around the country to most of the states except the northeast where they've already been. In good. You could find the same satisfaction and sense of adventure. Say going to Leroy or something like that. That was their next choice. We s we decided on the rest of the country. Instead we have gotten reports journalists Noor over the last couple of three weeks, or so from various of this good ladies, children telling us about different parts of the trip and things. They saw a allow us to travel along if you will in your shadow. Who will we hear from today Ma'am? Today, you'll hear from Jasmine. She's thirteen outstanding it, Jasmine, wh! Where are you going to tell us about? Please man. I'm going to be talking about Las Vegas. Oh Wow fascinating. What do you think about it? It was pretty cool. I mean my favorite part was walking around the hotels and some of them are pretty big, so they had like malls and. Others. In them. Is there like a place there where they have like? Swimming in a big tank or something. I don't know. I. Don't think we've mentioned that one. Favorite thing you saw the. Saying was mocking around the whole cows and going in them Stack. Do they have like a full tower there? Did you see that? Yeah? That was actually my favorite. Part of the trip. Kinda. Cool? 'cause we went up in the Eiffel Tower a lot, not a lot once. You get to go up in it. Yeah, we were nice now. I. Speaking Jasmine Joy. She's A. Thirteen. Lost Vegas. What kind of countryside is that in is hot. They're cold. They're Green Brown. What was it like over that way? Well we went in November. Show is trying to warn kind of calm. We'll good. That's not too bad not too hot while you were there. Did you go see the? There's a big damn by their. Did you go see that? No. I don't think so yes. Oh, yeah, this is Dan. Sorry for? Pretty cool. I mean not memorable but cool. Yeah it wasn't pretty big. What was the food like? Did you get to eat any interesting things there in Las Vegas? You into a lot of restaurants and. Family. What's that Big Street? They're called where they have all the lights and everything in Las Vegas. It's just the mainstream is the strip. very very nice. What did you think of the lights in the casinos and stuff like that? They are like really cool 'cause. There's tons of lights and it was just pretty at night and. We to go see the BLASIO fountains and. Dance to the music so I I think that was pretty cool. That sounds wonderful. Wonderful were there are a lot of people there. Yes, there were like a lot of people. Now they they do a lot of gambling there in Las Vegas, and and they have shows and stuff like that. Did you get to see any of these shows or anything? Yeah I did I got to see the blue man group. Oh my gosh, what was that like? It was so cool, they they they're basically like blue men like their faces are painted on, and they're like really funny, and they like plays, drums and. Make everybody laugh and. Every row and they throw told the paper at us, and we have to wear it, so it was fun very cool. Here's the thing about the speaking of Jasmine. Joyce's thirteen of a city Rochester went on a big trip with family. You've heard from her siblings before one thing about the blue man group doesn't seem like they have the biggest eyeballs on earth. Huge into wacky. That'd be hard to do. How do you walk around with your eyes bugged out like that? That'd be something else. I can't even do that. Oh, yeah me. Neither the Eiffel Tire Tower lights going up in that. Did you eat anything interesting or fun or different? Not Really. In Las Vegas. They never go to sleep. It seems like that goes twenty four hours a day, do you? Did you stay up late at night or anything or Yeah I did. Yeah, that sounds very adventurous. It was when your family is like in a place like that when there are lots of people all around in a big crowd, how do you keep from getting separated? And you hold hands, or how do you keep from from drifting apart? We just stay together and they grow so. I mean I pretty much. Get lost all the time so. He watched me. When when you are grandmother, many years from now, and you're telling your your grandchildren about your trip. What's the one thing about Las Vegas that you will want them to know? Our. Always stick together and always have fun. And There's so much to do there, so do everything and don't miss out on anything. And like the fans and the mob museum in the Marble museums in the wax museums. That sounds like a good philosophy of life as well stick together and have fun and do everything you can. in the Wax Museum. What do they have their? Famous people and it was so cool. They look exactly like them. Everything tons of pictures home. What's one firm famous person? You took a picture standing next to their wax-figure. Keilor's Swiss Oh, Taylor Swift, very nice, very nice, very cool, well very good anything I forgot to ask anything else. We should know about LAS. Vegas Young Jasmine Joyce. Not Really. Did a great job. You're very good reporter. Thank you so much man. I appreciate that mother mother Amanda. Where can people read about your trip again, please? On, my blog is RV Mama, and a and a and then number six rb Mama, fix dot home, dot, blog outstanding, God bless you. Thanks report your Jasmine you take care. We've got Charles Selena in just a moment on Newsradio wham eleven eighty..

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