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Dante Basco Discussed Landing the Role of Rufio



You work asked. How did how did that come about like you had started out as a dancer one of your first credits is in moon-walker. Yeah yeah me. And my little brother Dion. We're in Walker. I was actually his understudy in moon-walker and we did the bad video but we did the kid. Bad video friends would allow those kids today. I mean mercer tantrums in the video. She's like the executive producer showrunner of of fails to share. We've known each other since we were like twelve. The way dancing works. You have the casting you have to have a cast like exact behind them because people get hurt all the time when you dance so we did that. We Young. We're gases when he came to L. A. But when I did hook the pretty remarkable thing about hook is so my little brother. Dion hadn't auditioned for another character in the movie. And I remember calling my managers when he got the addition. Because we're like you gotta give me an audition for this movie because you know the one thing we knew is it's Robin Williams playing grownup Peter Pan. And you're like that had captured the imagination of the world like. Oh my God like Robin Williams is Peter Pan. That's who he is. And so we were all excited about the movie and Spielberg and and whatnot. And so I ended up getting audition for other character. Rubio we know in these characters are and then my other brother. Dr Ian got an audition for Rubio too so we both went in together. This the thing about being brothers L. A. And Act against all audition and continue against each other and to this day and it's like was the TV show like last season where they're like. Oh it's between you and your brother during both on the board like whatever like was going to get it so good like but we've all trained together and go of the process understand that you're not really in competition with each other you know but we've been through a lot as brothers and different these days almost be really close. Yeah I mean it's hard to be Asian actor in. It's hard to be an actress. La I always say it's hard to be an actor in La. Probably want hard jobs in the world as far as to work and then on top of that it's hard to be an ethnic actually and within the ethnic spectrum it's hard to be Asian ethnic spectrum and even within the Asian spectrum to be Filipino. That particular Asian is super strange. The people because they're like are you. What kind of Asian Asians that? We wrote this role for you like a brown skin kind of are you. So why are you so ten and then even within that little like Filipino? It's like it's you know I'm one of four brothers that are like very close in age like you're the boss brothers like at our performance that our performance that we're all here in the audition so it. I've lived a very unique experience except where I've brothers that lived with me. Oh we are definitely going to ask you about one of the few experiences. You had playing a specific Filipino. American character in the great debut debut But I I want to ask you lower living in this hook. Moment your audition you said before that in a way your upbringing in paramount helped you in. Yeah House. The unique thing about that particular project is I went in on me and my brother both went in. We put the auditions on tape with the with the Catcher in Jefferson. There's a picture of that day too. We both dressed up like how he thought loss was addressed up. I remember like bracelets on this. Weird like floral shirt and so We had the addition and then I got a call back like the eight my managing like. Oh so Steven Spielberg wants to meet you. So I went to Amblin which is on the universal lot in the whole lot. All great but there's like this one sections like Spanish villas like that stevensville offices. We went there and this is like before. Ps Ten does like here. Like a mall arcade in his office which is crazy and so we're they're playing video games and he brings me in and then he doesn't even me again we talk. We talk about a lot of stuff you talk about rats so Rizzo and talked about Dustin Hoffman. Because I know his playing hook at that time and we talked about films we talk about other things I did and then do you want me to read. He's like no no. You're good I just wanted to meet you and I was like what I walked out. My mom had to go. I don't think I got it like I read. You know and then a few days later they offer me the part which wild so read the part one time. When I was on the set I remember sitting on the pirate ship and I was like. Hey Steven like never auditioned like read the roll one time and someone offered me the job. How did that happen and Steven was like Yeah Dante. Like at of all the kids we. You're the only kid that scared me. And but you know when I think about it now inside. I'm living in paramount right. And this is ninety one. You know kids were getting shot in my school. Like my best friend. Like one of our friends got killed his girlfriend. There was like guns everywhere drugs. We you know there's like life and death situations going on every day. There was like a big race war blacks breast of Mexicans. Where where what side are you on? Oh we need to get out of here at lunch or like you know it's going down and when you're dealing with like that kind of environment to degree the lost boys gang. I just the leader of the gang and so I think some of that was you know brought to the surface when doing the character and I think that kind of resonated with Stephen. I think that Kinda helped my the whole thing so

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