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It doesn't support Joe Biden's


This girl plus the fact it doesn't support Joe Biden's history the women that have accused Donald Trump oh hell yes supports his history he used to brag about it well you know that that's the same thing occurred to me that yeah but he's behind a little odd and touchy feely or whatever but yeah I thought that this was way outside his his norm but anyway the next next thing on Biden the I predict right here he's going to keep tabs Cammie Duckworth and it's a genius move that's the frankly the only the only person I think they can get him over the finish line all these camel hair as they're just not going to add anything people they're tired they're they're old news to people but Tammy Duckworth the real deal and if in fact this is the L. speaking she is named and and they follow through with it and when she will be the next woman president so save the case how's that well there's no quote there's no question Tammy Duckworth is the real deal this is the real deal and and he is so weak I'm sorry he just as you know the Democrats how they ended up with him by some weird your planetary alignment I don't know but anyway what basic basically it was the African Americans who supported and basically coalesced around Joe Biden because of his loyalty to Barack Obama for eight years

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It doesn't support Joe Biden's

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