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Fifty thank you much to you know get the exclusive accu weather forecast meteorologist Carl Erickson right now mostly cloudy overnight to be a few showers a thunderstorm toward daybreak low sixty one a leftover morning shower thunderstorm otherwise some sunshine returns on Sunday with a very warm and more humid afternoon high eighty five once again late in the day there could be a spotty shower or thunderstorm the west partly to mostly cloudy Sunday night low sixty seven and Monday Memorial Day will be very warm and humid under clouds and sunshine hi eighty eight just shy of the record of ninety from two thousand twelve partly sunny warm he met on Tuesday with a shower or thunderstorm high eighty eight mostly cloudy skies on Wednesday with a couple of showers high eighty three this is accu weather meteorologist Carl Erickson W. J. newsradio nine fifty thank you Carl right now it is sixty seven degrees in Roseville in Frasier is sixty eight degrees sixty nine in Fenton sixty eight downtown traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the H. R. anytime at WWJ newsradio dot com live in local radio nine fifty W. W. J. nine Zach Clark good evening our top stories at eight fifty coverage and Whitmer has extended Michigan state home ordered just over two additional weeks through June twelfth he's also keeping close theaters gyms other places of public accommodation until at least that time Whitmer's also extended the emergency declaration through June nineteenth The New York Times has devoted Sunday's entire front page to a long list of the names of people who have died during the corona virus pandemic the names and brief descriptions cold from the choice from around the country feel six columns with a sub headline reading they were not simply names on the list they were us in

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Each way through fall from

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