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The Artist's Way with Julia Cameron


Ninety two is one of those books that you hear. Time and time again has changed. Someone's life perhaps most notably the book eat pray love by Elizabeth. Gilbert is a work. The author herself says simply wouldn't exist without the artist's way. So what is the artist's way? Well if you look for in a bookshop you'll likely find it in the self help. Section and it subtitle is a spiritual path to a higher creativity. Do you need to be an artist? Orne aspiring artists to read and get any benefit out of the book. Do you need to be spiritual looking for spiritual guidance? Well I would argue that. The answer to those questions is no. The book takes form of a twelve chapter program and you may immediately feel similarities between this concept and other twelve step programs and it helps the reader to free themselves of self doubt and critic face their fears and rediscover who they are and what they really stand for and in a world where it's easy to feel lost pulled in a million directions by million things and having to conform to so many rules. It's not unheard of for people to feel rudderless and to feel as though life is living you rather than you are living life. It's something that has come up several times on this. Show the idea of an epiphany of suddenly realizing that you're on the wrong track. Need to refocus need to make changes whatever they may be and I have observed in those particular episodes. There's usually a catalyst sometimes something negative for want of a better expression that snaps you out of a trance. That makes you. Suddenly things see things in a new light or with a renewed focus and what I think the artist's way has the power to do is in a much gentler and more helpful way be the catalyst to making a change. Maybe you would like to open yourself up to creativity. Maybe you think you're just fine as you are but see harm and giving it a go in order to see what it might reveal. Julius sees the process on blocking and rediscovering and the rediscovering part is perhaps the thing I found most attractive about the principles of the artist's way that instead of looking outward for guidance it's to be discovered by looking inward team. Main principles in the book are the morning pages which is writing three pages of a stream of consciousness. Longhand soon as you wake up and the artists Dayton and I will that Julia explain what those entail. But just to say that the artist's way feels quite timely twelve week project is probably something we all site pre-coded as being something we'd struggle to find time for and you may be listening to this after lockdown but it does the question. Do you have the time for it now? Could this be a worthwhile investment view of future? I asked you earlier in our conversation. How the artist's way came to be what expectation someone should have for the process. How to talk to your inner critic how it may feel when your creative juices begin to flow more rediscovering and blocking your creativity may at times be a very confronting and uncomfortable experience as. I'm sure you can appreciate. The podcast is now being recorded slightly differently. I am unable to be with my guests in person so all of the episodes currently being recorded via video call online. Now this means that the sound at times may not be up to the quality or used to. But please know that when I'm not recording the episodes or working towards greeting episodes I am low key learning to become a sound engineer slash audio expert via various online tutorials. How To's and by asking friends who also have podcast. They are trying figure it out. It's just me here at the show and I really am putting my best efforts towards bringing you good quality audio but please bear with me while I am creating the show online the links to Julie and the book will be in the show notes but without any further ado. It is my pleasure to welcome. Julia. Cameron onto.

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The Artist's Way with Julia Cameron

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